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  1. alexi_b

    Finding the angle in which the resultant force points

    Homework Statement Forces of 11.8N north, 19.2N east, and 15.9N south are simultaneously applied to a 3.93kg mass as it rests on an air table. What is the magnitude of its acceleration? What is the direction of the acceleration in degrees? (Take east to be 0 degrees and counterclockwise to be...
  2. K

    Direction of the Magnetic Field at a Point

    Homework Statement The problem asks to find the direction of the magnetic field at point P, which is at the center of 2 separate semi-circle wires that form a circle. The current in each wire flows in the same direction (to the right). I attached a picture below. Homework Equations The...
  3. D

    Physics Vector Problem

    Homework Statement You enter an antique classic car road rally with your 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. The rally course consists of the following segments: travel north at 25.0 m/s for 30.0 min, then east at 32.0 m/sfor 40.0 min, and finally northeast at 30.0 m/s for 50.0 min. For the entire...
  4. S

    Electrostatics? Magnitude and direction of a magnetic field

    Homework Statement A force of 2.4N is exerted on a -1.8µC charge in a downward direction. What is the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at this point? (The assignment sheet is called "Electrostatics Questions", hence the "Electrostatics?" in the title) Homework Equations Electric...
  5. A

    Positive or negative final velocity? Constant acceleration

    Homework Statement A car is moving with a constant velocity of 18 m/s for 5 seconds, if in the next 5 seconds it travels a distance of 40 m, what is its final velocity? Homework Equations Δx= vit+ 1/2 at^2 vf= vi+at vf^2 = vi^2 + 2a (Δx) The Attempt at a Solution So I tried doing it...
  6. S

    Finding magnitude and direction of reaction force

    Homework Statement A uniform horizontal rod of mass 4 kg and length 500 mm, is hinged at the left hand side and supported at rest by a chain (S) attached 10 cm from the hinge. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the reaction force on the rod at the hinge. State the principle you have...
  7. AdrianMachin

    I The direction of electric dipole moment of water molecule

    I was watching a video explaining how microwave ovens work when I found that there is a difference between my physics textbook and online images of the electric dipole moment of the water molecule, as well as the one shown in the video. Why do they differ?
  8. donaldparida

    B How to specify direction in 3 dimensional world

    I have just started studying vector algebra and i was wondering how is the direction of a vector (or any point object) specified in 3 dimensions. I know how to indicate the direction of a vector in 1 dimension and 2 dimensions. Is the direction of a vector in 3 dimensions stated by using angles...
  9. T

    Find new location -- 2-wheeled car/robot

    Hello, everyone! Now I'm trying to develop 2 wheels robot, which travels along the line simulator. The robot can turn only by increasing velocities of each wheel. The conditions are below: - I know velocities of 2 wheels - I know radius between wheels The task is next: How to find new location...
  10. E

    Direction of tension

    Homework Statement A block with mass m is revolving with linear speed v1 in a circle of radius r1 on a frictionless horizontal surface. The string is slowly pulled from below until the radius of the circle in which the block is revolving is reduced to r2. (a) Calculate the tension T in the...
  11. Rodriesk

    Magnitudes and Directions In Uniform Circular Motion

    Homework Statement A biker is 40.0m to the east of a flag in a park, heading south at 10m/s. 30.0 seconds later, the biker is 40.0m north of the flag and heading east at 10.0m/s. For the biker in this 30.0s interval, what are: a) the magnitude and direction of the displacement? b) the magnitude...
  12. B

    Statics: Dimensionless Unit Vector

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So I began by subtracting. (205-160)=55 i (495+128)=623 j Both of these vectors are in the positive direction. So if I divide the vector by its magnitude I should get an answer of 1 in the positive direction for both i and...
  13. T

    Electronic NOT gate chip question

    Hi, Can current flow both ways through a NOT gate, or is the diagram I saw, much like the picture I drew here, just drawn the wrong way around? Anyway, say it was correct, so what does this mean? Because the chip itself (the not gate chip Vcc = 5V and Gnd) takes 5V between it and the chip...
  14. P

    B Does the L2 norm of a vector destroy all directional info?

    Sorry I'm a little rusty with my math and proof logic, and this feels like a dumb question, but oh well! The Euclidian norm of a vector in ℝ3 is \|{v}\| = \sqrt{x^2 + y^2 + z^2} where \|{v}\| \geq 0. I'm trying to show that there is always an infinite number of solutions for arbitrary...
  15. Marleycake

    Net Force and Direction of motion

    Homework Statement Is the direction of net force always in the direction of motion? The Attempt at a Solution I would say no because the net force could be equal/balanced for example if two kids were pulling on a stick 2 N left <---- . ----->2 N right the Total Net Force would be 4 N...
  16. B

    Opposite Direction

    Homework Statement What would be the opposite direction of [E 20 degrees N}? Homework Equations No real equation The Attempt at a Solution Is the opposite direction [S 20 degrees W]?
  17. B

    Adding and Subtracting Vectors of Different Directions

    Homework Statement Given the initial velocity of 6m/s[North] and the final velocity of 3m/s[East], how would you find the change in velocity? Homework Equations Change in velocity= final velocity- inital velocity The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I don't know how to do this. I know that if the...
  18. P

    Difference between direction and dimension

    Hello, Can you tell me what is the difference between direction and dimension?
  19. kostoglotov

    Why isn't this largest voltage source given as negative?

    This isn't actually a homework problem, but it is an example in a my textbook that I have a question about... imgur link: Ok, I wanted to clarify some things. I understand that current flowing from a positive terminal to a negative terminal represents a...
  20. R

    Calculate force in north/east directions given 2 components

    Hello, My question is about using vector components to find a force in a particular direction. I already have the answer, I just don't understand it and would like an explanation if anyone has one. If I have two vectors with radial velocities (in this case it's measurements of ocean current...
  21. M

    Need help figuring out this forces question

    Homework Statement the question states: "wo forces act on an object at an angle of 75 degrees. One force is 195N. the net force it 225n. determine the second force that it makes with the net force" Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tried finding the second force by finding the...
  22. B

    Coil winding direction

    I am wrapping a transducer coil and had a question with the winding direction. Lets say that I am wrapping the wire around a bolt in a clockwise direction. After I reach the halfway point of the wire, if I then reversed the direction I am winding to counter-clockwise, what would it do? I am...
  23. D

    Electric field inside and around a hollow sphere

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anybody could help me out. For my study I got the following question but I got stuck in part C (see image below). I Found at A that due to symmetry all components which are not in Ar direction will get canceled out I found at B that there is only charge density at...
  24. P

    Using relative motion to find direction and time of a boat

    Homework Statement A motorboat can move with a velocity of 10.0 m/s, with respect to the water in a river. The river is flowing at 4.00 m/s due east. (a) Calculate the direction (Give the angle with respect to one of the compass directions.) the motorboat must be pointed so that it moves due...
  25. T

    What is George's location

    Homework Statement John, Paul, and George are standing in a strawberry field. Paul is 16.0 m due west of John. George is 40.0 m from Paul, in a direction 39.0 ∘south of east from Paul's location. A. How far is George from John? (Already Done) B. What is the direction of George's location...
  26. Luminescent

    Other Research paper

    Hello everyone, Can anyone assist me with the following; I have derived some very interesting cosmological quantities within regard to radiation as it moves through space. I am looking for someone trustworthy who can help me verify my work and point me in the right direction without claiming...
  27. Samei

    Quick Q: Is direction of velocity relevant in conservation?

    Homework Statement : [/B]I just have a quick question about direction of velocity in solving for energy conservation problems. Since energy has no direction, do different angles ever affect the outcome? Like say in a collision where a truck hits three other vehicles and sends all three in...
  28. F

    Electron in electric field

    Homework Statement I'm right now trying to solve a question concerning the direction of an electron in an electric field. There is the picture I added given and you know that there is a homogeneous electric field. The blue line represents the movement of an electron (there is no movements up...
  29. Alettix

    Direction of friction acting on a rolling object

    Hi! My question considers no specific problem, but rather different concepts I have trouble getting my head around. So I would be really happy if you could help me understand different kinds of friction, and maybe above all their direction, acting on a rolling object. :) Fist we have kinetic...
  30. personage

    Direction of Tension Force

    Hi everyone, What I understand is that tension only exists if there are two forces pulling on a rope in opposite directions. What I have also read is that due to Newton's third law, the rope actually pulls back with a force equal but opposite to the two applied forces, so the forces look a bit...