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Disturb a complex massive field, apply force ?

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    Disturb a complex massive field, apply "force"?

    If we have a classical massive complex field in 2D space-time can we think of it as a 1D membrane which can move in some 2D tangent space? If so can I think of applying forces which act for short times to this membrane in this tangent space, as a function of time and space, and thus deforming the membrane and possibly producing waves? How do we apply forces (can we?) which give rise to two Gaussian wave packets of "opposite" helicity which travel in opposite directions away from and out of some small region and where the "forces" act for some small region of 2D space-time?

    If we think of an infinite massive string under tension with an additional sideways restoring force this acts like a complex massive field (relativity aside)? If we apply two perpendicular impulses, one after the other, in the "tangent" space, in quick succession we produce the waves needed above?

    Can the above be extended to 4D space-time? Seems like we need more then a pair of impulses in this tangent space?

    Thanks for any help!
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