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Physics Do physics majors work for defense contractors?

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    As a physics major, how easily is it to get hired for a defense contractor?

    What about a physics PhD?
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    Research positions (PhD) are most likely very competitive. Depending on what courses you have taken and the contractor, you may or may not be filled in for engineering positions. Usually physics constitute as the "other/related major" in the typical academics requirements: CE/EE/CS/related science/engineering major. Research positions are probably at a minimum of Masters but I doubt there are many positions at that level.

    No jobs are easy to get in and out of the recession, unless you are a nurse.
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    I'm a physics major and I interned at a defense contractor for a summer. They had lots of physics PhDs working there, though as far as I know I was the only physics major intern. At the end of the summer my boss said to contact him once I graduated about the possibility of working there full time. So yes, it does appear that at least one defense contractor hires physics majors.
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