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Do YOU attend a forum like this? Need leads

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    Do YOU know of a forum like this? Need leads

    I am looking for a forum (ANY forum, I don't care) where users post entries with extra user-entered data associated with them.

    PF and most other fora have 2 user fields: msg body and subject - and a few system fields such as date/time stamp and user name, and that's about it.

    I want users to be able to associate a bunch of other data. Some hypothetical examples:
    - a photog gallery, where users add fields to each entry like: camera make, lens, location, conditions, f-stop/shutter speed
    - a weather reporting site, where usesrs might add time of day, location, conditions, temp. etc.

    The key here is this "template" to the forum entries, so that all entries will have the same sets of data that could be searched, sorted or filtered.

    Anything! If you think of anything like this, or even have some suggestions, give me a poke, I'll do the rest.
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    My guess is if you find such a forum it's probably a typical forum that has been altered to suit the forum's needs. You could install vBulletin for example and then add as many fields as you want by tweaking the php and database schema.
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    Yes, thnaks, that's eventuaslly what I plan to do, I hoping to find a CMS that doesn't require loads and loads of development to do so though. I'm browsing the "Place of CMSs" but they're all default setups, I don't know which to use.
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