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Do you have free time on school days?

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    So since you're on this site, i'm going to assume you're a science nerd who gets a relatively good GPA. Do you usually have free time on school days? How do you balance fun and work? Do you do work before play? Do you play time to have fun or just lay whenever you feel like it? How do you avoid procrastination?? Do you have any days of the week where you don't do any studying/homework/work at all? What do you use your free time on? And how many hours of free time do you give yourself? Or do you just devote every single living minute to studying to get the best possible grade? Do you think free time is important?
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    Free time to chill out is definitely important for me. Everyone is different and some people are genuinely happy working every hour of the day but most people need that time to take a break and do whatever. Whether that be going to the pub, watching trashy tv or whatever it is you find is good for unwinding.

    Success in ones career is not synonomous with devoting all available time to it.
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    Thanks for your post, Ryan. Wow. I never knew there were such people who are happy with working every hour of the day. Is there like a gene for that trait? lol
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    Flash-back to 40+ years ago. I made enough money playing music at frat parties to cover lots of my expenses. When I was getting burned out by course-work, it was easy to grab the guitar and chill for a bit. I also bought, restored, and sold tube amps, and when I had a bit of extra time I would grab an amp and tweak it for resale.

    I could work every waking hour of the day, but not on the same thing for hour-after-hour.
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