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Do you recommend Schaum's Outlines (for Mathematics)

  1. Jul 6, 2014 #1

    I am currently using Apostol's Calculus volume 1 book, and going to take multivariable calculus-linear algebra-differential equations course on Fall semester that uses the volume 2 book of Apostol. Although the Apostol book is very outstanding, I feel like some of the topics are very difficult to understand and book does not have many problems. I did some search, and I found the schaum's outlines for calculus, advanced calculus, 3000 calculus problems, linear algebra, differential equations, and ordinary DE. Are those books good for supplements? Do you think they will go perfectly with Apostol's volume 1 and 2 books?
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    Schaum's Outlines are really good in my opinion but you should be aware they never match any particular course but tend to survey the whole subject. Also some of the outlines have been in continuous print for many years and may not have the latest topics described.

    The pros are that they do provide a lot of problems and they do summarize things well and also supplement that with many worked problems.

    I like the Schaum's Mathematical Handbook as a reference which was recommended to me 40 years ago and is still quite useful today.

    I've also been trying to relearn Vector Calculus from them but sometimes run into conceptual issues (more like doubts i.e. knowing something is so but asking why or how can this be questions which slows my learning down).

    I tend to favor them over standard texts for applied math stuff and I think they been reviewed so many times that any mistakes should have been removed.
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