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Does ABET matter w/ regards to CS?

  1. Sep 25, 2007 #1
    Does ABET matter w/ regards to CS? I am trying to decide between Oregon State University and Western Oregon University. OSU's CS program is ABET certified.


    What Math classes are useful for programming? Thank you.
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    I don't know about CS but I know that ABET certification for EE and CE is definitely a big PLUS. My university isn't ABET certified and my friends in engineering that have graduated have had trouble getting federal jobs, not because they knew less than people from other schools (we usually do VERY well at the local IEEE SAC competition) , but because the school is not yet certified. The good thing is that we are hopefully going to get certified for the upcoming year.

    On the other note, a course in Discrete Structures is usually considered important for CS majors, and my Linear Algebra professor is always pointing out applications for computing.
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    thats not good that a Computer Science major isn't ABET.

    It is not a new major.

    It should be ABET by now, if it isn't, I would be careful.

    I can understand if its a Software Engineering degree, its a "new" major and not many schools have offered an ABET SE major.

    So my advice is go for OSU, not WOU.

    Big company's do care and do look for these kinds of things. Even on job posting you'll see they are seeking a 4 year degree CS at an accredited university. When I saw this I always assumed it meant they want a 4 year comp sci degree that is ABET accredited.
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    ABET accreditation isn't just a plus for EE and CE, G01... it's a must.
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    Go ABET accredited. It will save you trouble later.
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