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The compound 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (also called o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile; chemical formula: C10H5ClN2), a cyanocarbon, is the defining component of tear gas commonly referred to as CS gas, which is used as a riot control agent. Exposure causes a burning sensation and tearing of the eyes to the extent that the subject cannot keep their eyes open, and a burning irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat, resulting in profuse coughing, nasal mucus discharge, disorientation, and difficulty breathing, partially incapacitating the subject. CS gas is an aerosol of a volatile solvent (a substance that dissolves other active substances and that easily evaporates) and 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, which is a solid compound at room temperature. CS gas is generally accepted as being non-lethal. It was first synthesized by two Americans, Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton, at Middlebury College in 1928, and the chemical's name is derived from the first letters of the scientists' surnames.CS was developed and tested secretly at Porton Down in Wiltshire, UK, in the 1950s and 1960s. CS was used first on animals, then subsequently on British Army servicemen volunteers. CS has less effect on animals due to "under-developed tear-ducts and protection by fur".

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  1. Impimpimp

    Can I still become a software engineer with this CV?

    Hi, I am currently studying CS, but I am too afraid to not pass my exams, so to relieve myself, I need to have a plan B to keep in mind so that I can be a little bit more relaxed. My question and Plan B would be: Is it possible to do a Political Science degree (120 Major) with a (60 Minor) in...
  2. JackNicholson

    Undergrade in CS who likes physics and math

    I think that's it. I'm glad I can be part of this forum.
  3. martymotown

    Is a CS Graduate Ready for Physics Research? A Journey with Marty

    I'm Marty and want to get into physics and research. I'm currently at the time of writing a software engineer after finishing my bachelor's in CS June 2022. Currently reading the Feynman Lectures and doing mathematics in my spare time to get prepared.
  4. L

    Job Skills Why is CS in more favorable over other IT degrees?

    So recently what I've been seeing especially on reddit was that people have been praising CS over other IT degrees. Why is that a trend? Is it because other IT degrees are seen as "obsolete"?
  5. shivajikobardan

    MHB How to deal with learning plateau in CS?

    I have reached a place where I can no more learn new concepts. I feel totally stuck.How do I deal with learning plateau? How do I overcome this plateau. Few things that come in my mind-: 1) Follow a good course from a good teacher. 2) Read it aloud. 3) Practice the same thing multiple things...
  6. shivajikobardan

    How to deal with learning plateau in CS?

    Summary:: learning plateau I have reached a place where I can no more learn new concepts. I feel totally stuck.How do I deal with learning plateau? How do I overcome this plateau. Few things that come in my mind-: 1) Follow a good course from a good teacher. 2) Read it aloud. 3) Practice...
  7. A

    Programs At a crossroads between MS in CS or EE

    I am currently finishing up a BS in Mathematics with a concentration in statistics and can't decide which route to take in education and career. I am currently active duty Air Force and fix/teach people how to fix jets (been in for 12 years). I am transferring to the reserves to finish out my...
  8. M

    Courses How much CS as a physics major does one need?

    My son is a rising college freshman who is majoring in physics (and thinking about adding a second major in math). He also has an interest in computer science and programming. Through his own research he's discovered that a lot of the day-to-day work of academic and professional physicists...
  9. S

    Will a low ranked masters hurt my PhD admissions?

    My background in CS was weak in undergrad, but I went to a decent undergrad (within the top 30 UNSWR). I got into a master's program that is ranked between 65 and 85 in CS (wide range to keep anonymous, but that general tier). I like the program because they accepted me despite my weaker...
  10. I

    Math Is CS going to be a dead end for me?

    I just graduated with a BA in Math (top 30) and have been unable to find a job. So right now I am doing some online undergraduate coursework in Computer Science, since I took no CS courses in undergrad. I'm sort of trying to kill the year while also getting the prereq's for a CS MS, as I...
  11. Connor

    Programs Is this degree worth it? (online CS degree)

    so I am wanting to go into computer science as a major, but can't really afford in state tuition. I did however found this online degree but its not abet accredited. Is this degree worth it...
  12. fissifizz

    Programs Should I double major in CS and Physics?

    Hello physics forums! I'm currently a 3rd year student in college studying Computer Science. I first declared Physics as my major and stuck with the course sequence until I finished the Quantum Mechanics series (so I effectively have a minor), but after that I had some doubts about my future in...
  13. J

    Other How hard is it to get into a CS PhD compared to physics?

    Hello guys (and girls), I'm from Europe and I was wondering whether any of you know how hard it is to get into the top US CS PhD programs as compared to getting into physics. I think I've once read on Quora that getting into engineering is way harder since this area of research does not receive...
  14. scottdave

    MIT offers the "missing CS course"

    MIT has created a new course they call the "missing semester" in computer science. https://missing.csail.mit.edu/ It looks interesting - shell scripts, command line, version management, to name a few.
  15. Indula

    What's an Ion's sound speed (Cs) in a plasma?

    Summary: Is it the same as Bohm velocity ? Is it the same as Bohm velocity ?
  16. S

    ASTM A1011 CS Type B Steel: Yield Strength & Properties

    I'm currently working on a design project which requires using sheet metal with ASTM A1011 CS Type B steels. Reading their latest designation for this type of steel, it is shown that the yield strength varies between 30 - 50 ksi. [1] Maybe it's just because I'm new and naive, but I find this...
  17. Oleksander

    Other How to enroll in physics lab while getting MS CS?

    Hi everyone! I'm 30 y.o. Software Engineer from Ukraine. I have BS degree in Economics. For the lack of theoretical knowledge I decided to get a technical degree. My primary interests are Math and Computer Science. But I'd like to try more hands-on fields of natural sciences and engineering...
  18. J

    Job Skills Physics and Math or Physics and CS

    For a physics major who plans to enter graduate school, would it be more worthwhile to use elective space on extra math courses or extra programming and computer science courses?
  19. Krushnaraj Pandya

    Programs CS vs CE for AI: What's Best for AI Studies?

    Hello, I'm an Indian student just graduating from high school and am about to begin studies in Memorial University of Newfoundland. I'm not sure whether to pursue a computer science degree or a computer engineering degree- I'm fascinated by AI and have learned a bit of coding myself, any...
  20. Quantumfied

    Programs Is it Beneficial to Pursue CS and Robotics Minors for a Career in Robotics?

    Hey guys I’m interested in working in robotics when I graduate college. I’m currently a junior. My major is mechanical engineering. I’m wondering if getting both a CS minor and a Robotics(this is actually built for mechengi and EE majors at my school so I can do it with some over lap for about...
  21. K

    Can a CS grad get a masters in Mech engineering?

    I want to study CS, but eventually someday I want to work in the auto industry dealing with robotics and aerodynamics. I was wondering how common is it for a CS grad to get a masters in Mech Engineering?
  22. K

    Programs CS vs Software Engineering degree

    I'm looking into completing my degree online mostly due to the cost of tuition at a traditional university. The online programs I've been looking offer Computer Science while some offered Software Engineering. I was wondering which degree is the better option?
  23. .Scott

    Is Calculus Essential for a Successful Career in Computer Science?

    I was just fielding question from a CS major who was asking how much Calculus should be expected over the course of a career as a computer engineer. I have been a professional programmer since 1971, a very diverse career including process control, embedded systems, management and financial...
  24. M

    Studying Smarter CS Edition: Habits and Process?

    I've want to gain fluency when it comes to retaining the code behind sorting algorithms. I want to be able to recall and write them up with efficiency without taking a long time to waddle around until I get it right. They're falling out of my head. Note: I'm not necessarily asking how to...
  25. T

    Programs Electrical engineering with some CS electives?

    I looked up at ee curricilum and find out it suits better for me.I want to specialize in electronics.Is it possible for me to take discrete math,data structures,algorithms,neural networks,machine learning,artificial intelligence etc. as electives along with ee courses?Is it a viable path?
  26. TheKracken5

    Programs CS vs Math and opportunity cost

    Hey everyone, so I am a transfer student at a small private college and I am currently having a dilemma. My college has a pretty strict credit cap at 140 credits, so you are not allowed to double major and can only get a minor if it fits into the major as well, but I transferred in with a...
  27. G

    I GPS and Cs atomic clock question

    Ok, so pardon my ignorance if this can found easily online but I have these few questions. I was actually reading quite a complicated article about GPS and relativity but it had too much maths in it for my abilty. Ok, first of all, apart from the complicated details regarding the workings of...
  28. O

    Courses What upper division undergrad courses for CS?

    Hey everyone, The Short Story: I need to choose 5 classes from the below list that will make me marketable after graduation aside from an internship. The Long Story: I'll be entering my final semesters this coming year. I, mostly, have only electives left. I have to take at least 5 courses...
  29. Aaron M

    Thinking about getting an MSc in CS

    Hello all, I have recently graduated with a BSc in physics and have been accepted into the MSc program for Applied Physics. However, due to the job outlook for the position I actually want to do I am deeply interested in pursuing my second interest, which is, AI. Question: My main question is...
  30. ramzerimar

    Engineering Is Computer Engineering "inferior" to EE and CS?

    I've heard some people saying that Computer Engineering is not highly valued by employers because it typically doesn't delve too deep in electrical engineering essentials (at my college, CompE's takes Circuits classes, Digital Systems, some microcontroller classes, electromagnetics and basic...
  31. vinicius0197

    Courses Mechanical Engineer switching to CS or Electrical

    I'm on a sticky situation right here. I have almost completed my third year of a mechanical engineering degree and I'm just now realizing that I would prefer working with embedded systems/software. This happened after I start toying around with an Arduino and learned C and Python for fun's sake...
  32. S

    Programs Maximizing Your Robotics Career: Choosing the Right Major and Minors

    Would it be possible to triple major in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science? I am a sophomore in high school who wants to go into robotics. Due to me doing college courses in high school, I would be able to skip my freshman year in college. Would there be overlap...
  33. O

    Courses Linear Algebra vs Deterministic Operations Research for CS

    Hey all, I'm currently working on my CS degree with a mathematics minor. After this Fall, I will only have one more course to take to finish my minor. I'm debating between Linear Algebra and Deterministic Operations Research. I do have other options, but these seem to be most applicable to CS...
  34. N

    Comparison of Cs, Sr and Pu fallout from meltdown

    I combined three maps of Chernobyl fallout: Cs-137 map, Sr-90 map and Pu-239 map. Map scales are the same. Lowest contour levels for Cs and Sr are the same (1 Ci/km^2), Pu contour is ten times lower (0.1 Ci/km^2). This visually demonstrates that Cs is about ten times more widespread fallout...
  35. D

    Programs Conflicted College Student: EE or CS?

    I really love physics, and have been thinking about majoring in it for a while, but due to the fact that I think I'd rather just work after getting my degree instead of pursuing a PhD, I have been following the engineering path. I am currently a second year ME student, and I am just now...
  36. N

    Programs Official CS Minor vs. Just Taking CS Courses?

    Hello! I'm a sophomore applied mathematics and physics double major, and I have ~30 credits to spare on any courses I might want to take before I graduate. I'm going use this "extra space" to take computer science courses. I have been programming with Python for several years now and I have...
  37. counlin

    Courses Change of plans: from CS to Physics?

    Hey, Some time ago I have posted a similar question here about my doubts on my CS course plan. I'm from Brazil, so this should be taken into account, as our university system is pretty messed up. I'm going to graduate this year from CS (need two more disciplines only). I have decided to get to...
  38. Z

    Programs Mechanical Engineering or CS Degree

    So I was talking to one of my friends who is a huge programmer, and he said that you don't even need a computer science degree to work in software. He said that companies would rather teach a mechanical engineer how to program, than a computer science grad how to problem solve, and that out of...
  39. victormarte

    Programs Major in CS or Physics? Vote [Strawpoll]

    I've been going to school for 6+ years now chasing my bachelors, changing my major constantly. Unfortunately, loans are piling up and I need to support my family ASAP. I'm a physics major now, but I won't be going to grad school for GPA/No patience for it reasons. Anyway, I have two options...
  40. jamalkoiyess

    Programs CS Minor vs Math Minor: Which is Best for Graduate Work?

    Hello PF, I have posted lately about this problem I am facing of choosing between the two minors as a physics major, but there is some updates and I need new insight on the subject. I have been taking an introductory course in computer science that I am really enjoying and getting some good...
  41. A

    Schools Should I transfer to a harder/better university? (CS)

    Hi, I'm currently a part time CS student at a local university near me. It's not a bad university, but it's not the greatest either. However, I've been working 30-40 hours per week while having a part time schedule. I'm thinking about potentially quitting my job, transferring to UoFT(which si...
  42. S

    A Relations between statistical physics and theoretical CS

    Hi everyone. I wasn't sure where to post this thread, so I figured I'll post this under General Physics. Out of interest, I've been perusing online about connections that exist between statistical physics and theoretical computer science. For example, consider the following report by Pietro...
  43. Z

    Programs Best minor for a Mechanical Engineering student?

    At the university I'm planning on transferring to in a year I pretty much have to take a bunch of technical electives which can come from any STEM department. For example, I could take a bunch of theoretical physics classes that will count towards my degree or I can take more ME classes that...
  44. Z

    Programs Associates in ME to bachelors in CS

    So I've been perusing this associates in ME for the past year and I have one year left until I'm finished. I was thinking about continuing my education in ME at a university but I just recently found an interest in computer science. I've always liked computers, I even programmed a little when I...
  45. AaronK

    Schools Undergrad CS Programs in Arizona?

    I live in Arizona and will be transferring to a state university next semester (I'll be starting in Jan. 2017). I've managed to get all of the introductory credits that I need completed at a community college for much cheaper than at university, so things have gone well so far in that respect...
  46. 1

    Schools Double Major in Applied Math and CS, Might Go To Grad School

    Hello, I'm currently a college student that is a CS major. I'm thinking about doing a double major in applied math, because I really enjoy it. I also plan on going to grad school to get either a PhD or a Master's degree in applied math. Is this a good path? Or should I go to grad school for CS...
  47. mr.tea

    Courses What courses are necessary for a math student interested in CS?

    Hi, I am a math major student. I am interested in the theory of computer science and I would like to go to this direction in graduate school. So I need some advice about what courses of computer science I should do, and what courses of mathematics I can ignore. My program has a lot of freedom...
  48. Janan

    Other Minor in Cs vs Minor in Busieness

    Hi I am studying physics, and now considering the idea of taking a minor, my question is whether preferred to take minor in computer science or business ad. As for job opportunities. Thanks
  49. F

    Programs CS masters program for low major GPA

    Hello, I'm currently going into my fourth year in UC Berkeley this fall, studying Computer Science. My cumulative GPA is 3.56, however, my upper division CS gpa is a 3.2. I haven't done research before but I'm currently looking to do research this upcoming fall. Do I have a shot at top...
  50. Leonarte

    Programs From CS: a MSc, or another degree?

    Hey guys, So, I have been reading the forum for quite a time now. I am confused on what to do next in my academic life, and came here to ask your assistance. I'm from Brazil, so we have to consider that the University system here is a bit different. By the end of this year I'll graduate from...