Does anybody know what hurkyl is up to nowadays?

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I've seen his website while searching the web...

I also found some posts of a poster called Creator in mathoverflow... I am not sure if this is the same poster as in PF.

That's what I do when I am bored... checking on others. :-D
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I checked here and the last time he posted was in June 2013. His last few posts looked okay. So I guess it's a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Calling @Hurkyl wherever you are!

In the past when longtime members have stopped posting suddenly we sometimes learn sadly that they've passed on from a family member familiar with their passion for posting on PF. In those cases, @Greg Bernhardt adds a badge to their profile of "Dearly Missed".

@Hurkyl was a Staff Emeritus of PF and so that's likely what may have happened. @Greg Bernhardt may know more.

I did find this thread in 2015 about him:
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This is more fun than "Where's Waldo?"!

I'm guessing he's at the Hollywood Bowl.
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Did some digging and couldn’t find anything else either.

I think that he’s alive and likely well. He’s still young and is probably happier and busier than before!

He might come back. Many people take breaks!

If you really like someone online and want to be friends, then it’s probably best to try and get extra contact info. I miss micromass and when I logged onto my PF account after being inactive for a few years, those messages had been wiped and I have no other way of contacting him again!

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