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Does anyone know a good supplier for mechanical parts?

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    me and my father are working on a new project for his company and we need a supplier which has a big variety of parts and sells for low quantities.

    i will be glad if anyone can recommend me on good suppliers =>
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    you can start at Amazon.com
    you have to get used to their search engine.
    a relative of mine buys from Amazon with no problems so far.
    then there's Grainger Industrial Supply.

    Good Luck!
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    Yep, Grainger is a good one. They are one of a couple of industrial supply companies that sell all sorts of stuff. The other two that come to mind include McMaster Carr and MSC. There are others that are more specific to a certain industry such as power transmission, hydraulics, electronic controls, etc...
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    A few more...

    And, Amazon has a "Industrial & Scientific" section
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    wow =O thank you so much! you helped me alot
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