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Does boat lean less when planing?

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    When boat is stay in place,put on one side 500kg,boat will lean 15 degrees...

    If now we go planing with this boat, will boat lean less then 15 degrees or equal?
    If less,what is force which reduce lean angle?
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    What do you think and why?
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    My intuition tells that boat is harder to lean when boat is moving but there must be some force that act like righting moment..

    Disbalnce in pressure distribution on bottom boat?

    (I think you can stand on edge on jet ski when planing at high speed and he will not capsize)
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    At higher speeds hydrodynamic lift may be different on left and right sides of the hull because of the different depths of submersion . Deeper submersion could mean more lift and therefore more force tending to reduce the angle of lean . No guarantees though - the actual details of the problem would need to be looked at carefully .
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