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Does Having an Associate's Degree Help to Get into a University?

  1. Jun 23, 2014 #1
    I've been playing around with my planned schedule a little bit for a while now trying to figure out the best way to prepare myself for a University. As I was trying to cram a bunch of general studies classes in, I wondered if there was really a point, since the Uni. I want to transfer to does not require very many general studies courses, and the ones I take here at my Community College probably won't transfer for much (if anything at all).

    But then I also wondered whether having an Associate's Degree may help with my chances of admission (which I could probably use), or whether it doesn't really make a difference. The only difference in classes that I would take would pretty much just be less history, etc. Er, actually, there would be a little less Math/Science, but only because I'd be enrolled for a couple semesters less so I wouldn't have the time to take them before transferring.

    So, basically I just want to know if it's worth it to shoot for an AS first, or if it will just be a waste of time, in which case I will apply for Uni. sooner.

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    An associate degree can help, depending on the state, the school, and the programs available. There are guaranteed transfer admissions programs for students at my community college to some 4 year colleges in the state of Maryland. Other than that, I do not think an associate degree is very helpful. The overwhelming majority of students transfer before earning a degree here. Only about 10% bother earning one.
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    Between colleges and universities in the same state with firm articulation agreements, an Associates degree guarantees that your general core curriculum is completed, no questions asked. The university can't look at your transcript and require you to enroll in weird GECC classes you didn't think you had to take. Definitely worth it in my opinion.
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