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Does life present any information paradox?

  1. Mar 22, 2009 #1
    This question might rather be posted in Biology but since the information paradox is usually the subject of black hole physics I thought physicists may be better placed to answer it.

    The fact that information may be lost in black holes is considered a paradox, information is believed to be conserved by a conservation law.

    Now living beings (let's take a human brain as the extreme example) accumulate a great deal of information during their lifetime, that's what brains do, process and generate information. When the brain dies all that information is presumably lost.
    Does this present a paradox in a similar sense as the black holes case? I know the information paradox in black holes refers to the information regarding quantum states while the information generated by a brain is probably of a different nature.
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    I think you're mixing up two different meanings of the word "lost." In some black hole models entropy has been predicted to decrease as matter is captured, which would constitute a paradox considering the reliability of the Second Law. When a human being dies, total entropy isn't predicted to decrease. In both cases information is lost, but the second definitely does not violate known physical laws.
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    information is information....there are many storage mechanisms....entropy is a special case of information....measurement is the act of extracting information from a particle or other entity....nature attempts to increase entropy and disripate information...

    you can get some related insights from Landauer's principle regarding computer information storage and entropy increase...
    Another source of insights is Charles Seife in DECODING THE UNIVERSE where he takes a look at the universe and life from an information and entropy perspective....altogether fascinating an a bit baffling...
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