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Does matter exist only in space and time?

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    isnt it possible for matter to exist where there isnt space and time??
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    Space-time is the "background" in which all "events" occur. "Existing" in this case is an "event".

    But the question is not really a physical one, since physics only operates where events occur (i.e. in space-time). It's hard to imagine a "place" where there isn't space and time (indeed, you can not refer to it as a "place" since "place" denotes "space" and you can not refer to it as "where" since "where" deonotes "space" as well!)
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    Well from research I have done, I believe that there are microscopic wormholes that appear all over space which appear at random so I would assume that it is possible for matter to enter these wormholes and for an extremely short amount of time, not exist in space or time. Rather they would exist inside the wormhole but I am not sure what you would classify that tunnel to be.
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    that place would be a continuation of space-time thru some sort of non space time medium? like what is on the other side of the wormholes outer walls between the 2 points in space time? that's what i want to know .you can think of a wormhole like a tube between 2 hamster cages it allows the hamster to go thru, but not out of the cage. so the wormhole is like a hamster tube we can go thru but the other side is still the cage of space time, and therefore the wormhole itself is a propagation of space time. thru some sort of abyss of something unsubscribed WHAT is on the other side of the worm holes wall!
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    While I am not sure. You can look at space-time as being a 2d surface folded over and the wormhole is a bridge between the two parralel sides so what is outside the wormhole confines? In plain english, I have no clue. Someone might know what is there but from my knowledge base, there would be nothing. Nothing could be considered dark energy or dark matter. Again, I don't know but that is my best guess. Also here is a picture of what a wormhole is.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Worm3.jpg [Broken] If the picture doesn't show up here is the url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Worm3.jpg" [Broken]
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    Why do you believe this?
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    Please try to look at this book. Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy by Kip S. Thorne
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    I'll need to read that, however one thing that you have to be careful about is that sometimes when a physicist says something he means "I have this interesting idea that I'm thinking about" rather than "This is the way things work." One of the possible pictures of quantum gravity involves a foamy space-time, but that's total (and possibly incorrect) speculation.

    Also when you are thinking about these things, you have to ask the question "what is space?" "what is time?" "what is matter?" If you tell me these things then I can figure out whether matter can exist outside of space and time in your model.
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