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Does my antigravity engine convert gravity into spin?

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    ill describe the set up:

    take a square paper, draw in the center a 0 reference spot, count 6 squares up and 6 down and put both weights up and down, sorround the set up with a circle with center the 0 point and 12 squares radius, paint the hours oclock around it and draw a radius in each hour to the 0 point,now ill tell you how to draw the succesion of weights in each hour:

    12 oclock 6suares from 0 already drawn,
    1 oclock: 8 squares from 0, measure with a rule 8 squares to do the diagonal
    2: 10 squares from 0
    3: 12 squares from 0
    4: 10 squares from 0
    5: 8 squares from 0
    6:already drawn 6 squares
    7: 4 squares fr..
    8: 2squares
    9: 0squares
    10: 2 squares
    11: 4squares
    12: 6 squares

    both weights pass through an axe that has geared the spin of the axle and the advance and retraction of the weights

    if you make a vectorial analisis with G in each weight hopefully youll see what i mean

    by the way if you ask what has of antigravity you should add spin energy, reverse the spin and a counterotatory cilinder, it should go up

    by the way you have been very helpfull in making me realize with my last mistake but this one will be a tuff one because ive been 5 years at it
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    Sorry, dude, but this makes even less sense than the last one.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    From the forum guidelines above:

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