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In computing, convert is a command-line utility included in the Windows NT operating system line. It is used to convert volumes using the FAT file systems to NTFS.

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  1. Y

    Need suggestion on a FREE PDF converter to convert word doc to PDF

    As described. I want to convert word doc to pdf. I know there are free converter online and all. I want suggestion on a safe proven that people here use. Thanks
  2. F

    A Is there a way to convert distance modulus to get H(z) values

    Hello, Everything is in th summary : I have a set of distance modulus and I would like to know if this is possible to convert numerically these values into a Hubble vs redshift H(z) data ( with the standard deviation). Any relation between distance modulus and H(z) are welcome. Regards
  3. gps57

    How can I convert loss units, dB/mm, to mm^-1

    I am trying to simulate mode loss for a waveguide and the units I get for loss are dB/mm, but I want to convert the units to just mm^-1 so I can the absorption (α) value. I am guessing there is a specific value that I need to either multiply or divide my values with, but I'm just not sure what...
  4. Feynstein100

    B Could there be macro objects out there that convert energy to mass?

    Stars are basically large objects that convert mass to energy as allowed by the mass-energy equivalence in special relativity. So I was thinking, following the same equivalence, shouldn't the reverse be possible too? I.e. a kind of reverse star that sucks in energy and converts it into mass? I...
  5. N

    Convert moment force at lever support

    I am trying to determine if a clamp holding a lever with a mass at one end can experience zero or reduced torque either by balancing the forces or converting the rotational torque into another form such as linear, I’ve looked at counterbalance with Steadicams etc. but I believe this just...
  6. benorin

    LaTeX Need editor for dvi files to convert latex

    I have only my iPhone rn to manipulate files with rn. I need assitence from someone with a latex editor capable of viewing .dvi files to download this linked file (the latest draft of our insight) on my google drive...
  7. B

    I Which units is this conversion factor for (molar volume)? 0.023901488

    I'm getting the wrong results when using an old, undocumented code and just realized there's a number lurking in it that I can't account for. It's: 0.023901488 and it is multiplied with molar volume and pressure. I have searched for a couple of hours but just can't figure out what the units...
  8. RayDonaldPratt

    I How to convert density ratio of grams/ mm^3 into metric tonnes/ m^3

    For the dimensions of a right cylinder, I am given three significant digits for the diameter (17.4 mm) and the height (50.3 mm). The formula for the volume of a right cylinder is V = Pi x r^2 x h, which would lead here to Pi x (17.4 mm / 2)^2 x 50.3 mm = 11,960.69354 mm^3 before rounding to 3...
  9. S

    Convert 1 phase to 3 phase by using an old washing machine

    We were in the process of going off grid when a tree fell over our power line. Hence we got off grid before we were ready as we didn't want to repair the power line. Now everything in the house runs on solar power, except for the well pump. The problem with the well pump is that it is a 3 phase...
  10. nuclearsneke

    I Convert cylindrical coordinates to Cartesian

    Good day! I am currently struggling with a very trivial question. During my studies, I operated with a parameter called "geometrical buckling" for neutrons and determined it in cylindrical coordinates. But thing is that we usually do not consider buckling's dependence on angle so its angular...
  11. Margarita0076

    Engineering Assembly Programming (MIPS): Convert BCD to Decimal

    I have this code which convert decimal number to binary number, but I do not understand how representation 8762 like 1000 0111 0110 0010. 8 7 6 2 1000 0111 0110 0010 .data strmsg: .asciiz "please Enter a decimal number: " .text #main method .globl main #main function main...
  12. F

    How To Convert Kvs-Value For Water To Kvs For Gas?

    Hello, for an instrument I have given the Kvs-Value for water and I want to convert it to gas. Can someone help or explain the calculation? Of course I have the formulas for liquid and for gas KVs-calculation. How do I convert it? Thanks for the help Falko
  13. BWV

    Its cold, but the NY Post should have used Google to convert C to F

    Oymyakon is cold, but not that cold https://nypost.com/2021/12/03/fears-children-could-freeze-to-death-in-worlds-coldest-town/here is the Sun article they credited but failed to convert the temps https://www.the-sun.com/news/4196960/fears-children-freeze-temperatures-drop/The Siberian village...

    Need pointers on how to convert schematic to breadboard

    Hello. I am supposed tolearn how to assemble the following circuit into a breadboard/protoboard but My attempts have all failed So I want to ask yyou how would you assemble his into a breadboard assuming that V and A are multimeters set to the previous(V and A) . how can I get the gist on...
  15. G

    Modifying generator windings to convert output from 220V to 55V.

    Sirs, I have two honda clone 2.5KW/220VAC gasoline generators, one with AVR and another with Capacitor excitation. I want to modify alternator windings of one of them so that it can directly output around 55VAC which shall then be rectified and use it to charge 48V batteries. I have fair...
  16. ZdMh

    Automotive Can I convert a combustion engine car to a hybrid car?

    Hello all, I'm thinking of converting my car to Electricity. I know that some internal systems have to change. Can that work? and how?
  17. Y

    Need program to convert MPG to MP4

    Hi I have a MPG file that I cannot watch on my computer. My computer will play MP4, I know there are online program to convert MPG to MP4, I want to get a safe link from you experts before I dare to do that. This is what I found, but I want to get your feedback before I do anything...
  18. N

    A Probability Density Function: Converting Experimental Observations to PDF

    Hi All I am currently doing Master in data science. I came across the function PDF probability density function which is used to find cumulative probability(range) of a continuous random variable. The PDF probability density function is plotted against probability density in y-axis and...
  19. S

    How does gravity convert potential energy to kinetic?

    If I hold a ball above the ground, it has potential energy. Once gravity pulls on it, it becomes kinetic. What is gravity and how does it convert one kind of energy to another?
  20. T

    How can I convert that Watt peak rating to Megawatt?

    Hello everyone. I need to calculate solar energy output (E) from a solar farm. The calculations are based on values from total module surface area in m² (A), panel efficiency (r), solar irradiance (GB) and losses (L) due to dust, cold temperature and ageing, which is estimated to be 0.75. Since...
  21. AN630078

    Why do we not need to convert from degrees Celsius to Kelvin?

    I understand that the Kelvin scale begins at absolute zero and that the Kelvin scale may even be referred to as the absolute scale. As the units begin from a definite zero and increase with equal amounts of energy being added to the particles of the substance being measured (at equal intervals...
  22. K

    B What does the energy of a photon convert to with interference?

    I was just reading about the LIGO experiment wherein an interferometer was used to detect gravity waves. This interferometer uses opposed light waves, detecting if there is a shift in their wavelength due to stretching/squeezing of a gravity wave passing through the lasers. (I hope I'm saying...
  23. K

    I'm not sure which units I should convert this to

    Homework Statement:: Hello, I have a simple question which goes like this: Medical ultrasound waves travel at about 1392.8 m/s in soft tissue. Higher frequencies provide clearer images but don't penetrate to deeper organs. Find the wavelengths (mm) of 1.7-MHz ultrasound used in fetal imaging...
  24. narayan821

    Most efficient way to convert rope movement (KE) to rotational KE?

    I've got a moving rope that turns a shaft, which then turns a generator to create electricity. Please point me to a good resource that guides me to perform this efficiently. I would like to maximize the conversion of kinetic energy of the pulled rope system into rotational kinetic energy of the...
  25. L

    I Sure way to convert variable integral to infinite integral?

    Sometimes I would like to transform an integral ##F(x) = \int_{a}^{x}f(s)ds## into an infinite integral of the form ##F(x) = \int_{0}^{\infty}f(g(u),x)du##. Is there some kind of change of variables that can guarantee this conversion on the boundaries and still give me a function of ##x##, at...
  26. P

    Comp Sci Convert between base system in C on Linux

    We have been requested to run this on linux. I am able to read in the original base system and then I am able to enter the number. As soon as I enter the original number the system reads out "Enter the base of the output:" then does not allow the user to enter the second base. Instead it just...
  27. A

    Complex numbers: convert the exponential to polar form

    Summary:: Hello, my question asks if the complex exponential equation 4e^(-j) is equal to 4 ∠-180°. I tried to use polar/rectangular conversions: a+bj=c∠θ with c=(√a^2 +b^2) and θ=tan^(-1)[b/a] 4e^(-j)=4 ∠-180° c=4, 4=(√a^2 +b^2) solving for a : a=(√16-b^2) θ=tan^(-1)[b/a]= -1 b/(√16-b^2)=...
  28. Muskyboi

    Convert an Equation Editor Object back to plain text

    Is there a tool that can convert something like this: which when copied as plain text looks like this: \frac{4}{\pi}\sin\left(x\right)+\frac{4}{3\pi}\sin\left(3x\right)+\frac{4}{5\pi}\sin\left(5x\right)+\frac{4}{7\pi}\sin\left(7x\right)+\frac{4}{9\pi}\sin\left(9x\right) To this...
  29. A

    A Energy needed to convert a bound proton to a neutron?

    Hey everyone, I've got a question on converting bound protons into neutrons. a. What are some methods used to achieve the proton-to-neutron conversion in atomic nuclei? I'm familiar with particle scattering off a proton in the nucleus. I'm also aware of (n,p) reactions. Are there any other...
  30. P

    Automotive Vehicle Parking Brake Test on a Slope [How Convert to a Flat Ground test?]

    Vehicle Mass : 3 tonnes Manufacturer's instruction is to test vehicle's parking brake effectiveness is to engage parking brake on 30.96 degrees slope. If it holds, it is effective. I do not have 30.96 degrees slope & I want to replicate the same test on flat ground. I was thinking of...
  31. S

    [AC Circuit] How do we convert from the time domain to the phasor domain?

    In this example, We need to covert e2 & e5 to a form with imaginary number . we will obtain e2=j10 & e5=20 Can anyone explain how we got this?
  32. PainterGuy

    LaTeX How to convert MathML code into LATEX code

    Hi again, I'm trying a new program, Scientific Workplace 6, which let's me produce a zip file with four different options as shown below. I just noticed that I could open these zip files in browser and format of the document remains intact. I only tried "Zip file with MathJax". Do you know...
  33. Dada

    I How to Convert a Binary Number to 6 Significant figures

    1203.201 which is 0100|1011|0011.0011|0011 How to round the binary representation to 6 significant figures and 12 significant figures? And what is the rounding rule for base 2? If it was rounded to 6 significant figure, such as 0100|10 {2}, then it changes its initial value, doesn't it? So...
  34. Y

    Need an online program to convert songs on a CD to MP3

    Hi Can anyone give me suggestion on a ligid site to convert songs in CD to MP3 to play on computer, car and MP3 players. Thanks Alan
  35. V

    Convert Mass Flow Rate to Molar Flow Rate

    how can i convert mass flow rate into molar flow rate using density of the gas.
  36. A

    How exactly does a turbine convert mechanical energy into electrical?

    I understand that the turbine drives rotational motion of a low and high speed shaft which rotates within the generator, but how exactly, and with what components/materials does this create electrical energy? Is there a minimum required rotational speed or torque required to generate...
  37. N

    Convert Lux to RGB: 4 Values to RGB/Hex Color

    I have an optical sensor that outputs 4 values in the following format: [ Red, Green, Blue, IR] where each value is in lux. I want to take this output and render a color on my pc. I'm not sure how to convert this into a regular RGB (0-255)/hexcolor value. Is there a good place to start? The data...
  38. D

    How to convert 1 frequency to a lower frequency?

    could you describe the hardware needed to convert 5.8 gigahertz to 100 megahertz?
  39. E

    How to convert a slope to an acceleration?

    Hello, I hope you are all very well. I am in second year of High School and I have a practical work in physics. The experiment was to release a long tape with a mass of 40g at the end from a certain height. An instrument would hit the tape 50 times/s and put a mark each time. From that we have...
  40. Mr-Thirty

    Convert J/mol k into atm cm^3/mol k

    My lecturer asked us to convert the ideal gas law into the units "atm cm^3/ mol k" I've used conversion brackets before and I am comfortable converting things like mile/gallon to km/litre but I don't understand how to do this one. The way I was taught was to put the units in brackets and take...
  41. E

    How to Convert a DFA to a GNFA?

    https://gyazo.com/c2a228fd782c5d783e3d2848e3e96478 So, I'm looking for resources that will teach me how to do the steps in the problem, mainly how to convert this to a GNFA. My book doesn't even mention the GNFA, we just went over it briefly in class. When I do try to convert it as I understand...
  42. karush

    MHB -m30b Convert the differential equation

    ov!347 nmh{1000} Convert the differential equation $$y''+5y'+6y=e^x$$ into a system of first order (nonhomogeneous) differential equations and solve the system. the characteristic equation is $$\lambda^2+5\lambda+6=e^x$$ factor $$(\lambda+2)(\lambda+3)=e^x$$ ok not real sure what to do with...
  43. Greg Bernhardt

    Should you convert all house outlets to GFCI?

    I know the code says all outlets in kitchen, bathrooms, workspaces etc should be GFCI. But is it just smart to replace all outlets to GFCI outside some specific circumstances?
  44. Buzz Bloom

    Convert VCR analog TV output to digital TV input

    I have an old VCR and a library of video tape recordings I have not played for quite a few years. The output of the VCR is the old analog Channel 3 TV signal which fed into the aerial input of the old analog TV. I now have a digital TV and there is no Channel 3. There is instead, for example, a...
  45. M

    Convert cylindrical coordinate displacement to Cartesian

    Summary: I can't figure out how the solver carries out the conversions from cartesian to cylindrical coordinates and vice-versa. I have a set of points of a finite element mesh which when inputted into a solver (ansys) gives the displacement of each node. I can get the displacement values of...
  46. karush

    MHB -a.3.2.96 Convert a 2nd order homogeneous ODE into a system of first order ODEs

    given the differential equation $\quad y''+5y'+6y=0$ (a)convert into a system of first order (homogeneous) differential equation (b)solve the system. ok just look at an example the first step would be $\quad u=y'$ then $\quad u'+5u+6=0$ so far perhaps?
  47. A

    Convert solar radiation from Joule per cm square to Watt per meter^2?

    I have solar radiation data in the units of Joule per cm^2 (joule per square centimeter) measured hourly. I want to use this data in evapotranspiratin calculation which requires radiation units as Watt per meter squared. How can I do this conversion?
  48. avishay

    How to convert pressure (Bar) to flow rate (L/min)?

    hii, I'm try to calculate the pressure (in bar) needed for a certain flow rate 3 L/min of Argon gas given the following setup: - I have a tank of Argon gas and the line pressure can be between 0 bar to 5 bar. - The gas will flow out to the open air in the end. - My pipe has an internal radius...
  49. L

    How to convert Insulation Loss (in Watts/meter) to kWh energy savings per year?

    Hi, I'm working for a company that want me to calculate something for them. I haven't done physics since A level so have forgotten a lot of it and am now very stuck! They want to know the kWh per year they will be saving by reducing their heat loss (which they have given me in watts per meter)...
  50. P

    Convert from a weighted system to a plate and bolt system

    Hi all, I need to convert a cooling fixture from a weighted system to a plate and bolt system. I'd like to use 4 - 10mm cap screws and a pressure plate to replace 7.82kg of weight. The weights are 190mm x 70mm of contact area. The pressure plate will have flanges to accommodate the bolts...