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Does natural iron have a denser nucleous then lab made iron?

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    I've heard Iron has the most condensed nucleous out of all the elements, and I asume it is due to the enormous amount of pressure in a stars core just before the end of its life. My question is if we made iron in a lab, would its nucleous be just as condensed as natural iron or would it be slightly less?
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    Since we define an element by the number of nucleons present, and all protons have the same mass as do all neutrons a nucleus of an iron atom must have the same mass irregardless of how it is formed.
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    You can say even more: Man-made iron nuclei (with the right number of neutrons) are indistinguishable from iron nuclei produced in star. They is no way to see a difference, no matter how advanced the experiment is.

    It has the highest binding energy per nucleon.

    This is not sufficient to explain the formation of iron (and a high pressure would prefer even heavier atoms). However, pressure is required to get fusion processes in stars.
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