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  1. P

    Pete Shlagor has joined the membership

    I'm an old (74) yr old retired ASCP lab tech and Stockbroker/CFP. Now functioning as a local township trustee. I won't be that common of a visitor, just when something is different.
  2. mt1815

    How can I pluck strings (with changing length) with constant energy?

    Hi I am doing a physics investigation on the research question "If the string length changes (same tension) does the spread and amplitude of harmonics change?". If I'm not mistaken, plucking energy should be a control variable. So, I want the energy of my plucks to remain consistent (through...
  3. nmsurobert

    Using air core solenoids in a lab exercise

    I found a box of air core solenoids and was hoping someone could me think of a useful lab to use them for. They are about 700 turns each. They carry 7 to 10 amps. However I think I think I would only be able to provide 3 amps because of the power supplies I have. I would like to use them to do...
  4. A

    I Are Lab Experiments with Strong Magnetic Fields and Plasma Expensive?

    What is the cost of lab experiments? I do understand that it depends, but let's say it's the cost of experiments conducted in a western country involving 1) strong magnetic fields; 2) plasma. Also, can one find price lists for such things online? Thanks.
  5. G

    McSweeney's : "Signs You Work In The 'Cool' Lab"

    Short satire piece: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/signs-you-work-in-the-cool-lab
  6. hagopbul

    Physics I have interviews as a physics lab assistant and lab apprenticeship

    Hello All : in the near future i will have few interviews as lab assistance and lab apprenticeship , mainly physics labs , do anyone have a source on lab devices to review before the interviews ? maybe i won't be able to find all my old books or internet links Best Regards Hagop Bulbulian
  7. A

    How far are we from producing artificial cells in the lab?

    Synthetic biology is a rapidly growing field of science that aims at redesigning organisms for medical and agricultural applications, by means of biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular biology and other methods by chemical, biological or computer engineering. As far as I understand it...
  8. O

    How do I calculate static and dynamic pressure for a wind tunnel lab report?

    how do I calculate static and dynamic pressure for the wind tunnel lab report, drag force, and lift force? Please, anyone? thank you.
  9. ergospherical

    Testing Presentations on experiments / lab work

    I'm trying to prepare a slideshow presentation of some lab-work we've undertaken. It's to be around 15 minutes in length and comprise of a few different (but related) experiments. I would like to ask if anybody knows of one or a few "exemplary" experimental physics presentations (on YouTube...
  10. Fig Neutron

    Please help me understand the LC/MS procedure in the lab

    I need some help understanding the LC/MS process for proteomics. I am writing a paper on using LC/MS to detect nut allergens in food. My problem is that I have never used LC or MS so I do not understand the process in the lab. The resources I have found are too complicated. I am a 3rd year...
  11. f95toli

    Best practice for using GIT on a shared lab computer?

    Firstly, I don't expect there to a single good answer to this question. I've done some googling and it seems there are multiple options, but I am still interested in suggestions and/or what your experiences are. We started using GIT (GITLab) a couple of years ago and it works well when we are...
  12. Einstein44

    I Coefficient of rolling friction for a lab cart

    I was looking for a way to calculate the friction arising from the axle and wheel of a standard lab cart. I came across this research paper: https://www.usna.edu/Users/physics/mungan/_files/documents/Publications/PhysEd4.pdf That derived the following equation for the coefficient of rolling...
  13. I

    Lab Experiment - Puck Impact on Wall, Analyzing Force

    Please see attached image. This was a lab performed where a puck hit a wall shown on the page, the difficulty I’ve had is being able to see when and for how long the puck hit the wall as it is needed to find the average force in the system. Each dot on the page is 30milliseconds apart.
  14. B

    Other Working in a biology lab for a physics/biophysics major

    I was wondering if it is of any value for someone interested in physics/Biophysics grad school and a Biophysics career to be working in a biology lab? I'm an undergraduate physics major concentrating in biophysics in the US and I have an offer to work in a cancer biology lab. It's very much...
  15. Y

    Range of Reynold's numbers (Drag Lab)

    [Mentor Note -- Thread moved from the technical forums, so no Homework Template is shown] Hi all, Recently I 'did' (a virtual lab) a drag laboraty experiment that used a wind tunnel to measure drag coefficient of 3 different shapes (cylinder, airfoil, triangular prism) and I'm not convinced...
  16. guyvsdcsniper

    What are the units for the slope in an Acceleration vs Mass Graph?

    I am doing an Atwood Simulation lab. I am having trouble with this part of my lab that ask the question provided. I can tell that the relationship is linear and that as the mass increases at a constant rate the acceleration increases. Logger pro tells me that the slope is 31.43. I am having...
  17. nmsurobert

    High School Magnetic Field Lab

    I attempted to run a lab that would allows us to calculate the magnetic field strength of a couple different neodymium magnets. I would love some feedback on it and ways that I could potentially make it better. The numbers I calculated were very far off from what I expected. Apparatus set up: I...
  18. O

    Millikan Experiment Based Marble Mass Homework

    I arranged the masses in ascending order: 11.0 g 11.1 g 20.6 g 21.4 g 21.5 g 25.7 g 25.8 g 25.9 g 31.6 g 31.9 g I found the average mass of the marbles: 22.65 g I found the difference in masses of the marbles: 0.1 g 9.5 g 0.8 g 0.1 g 4.2 g 0.1 g 0.1 g 5.7 g 0.3 g I found the average of the...
  19. E

    I Recovering Newton's energy conservation law for an Earth's lab

    I'm looking at Schutz 7.4 where first he obtains the following expression for a geodesic: $$ m \frac {dp_\beta} {d\tau} = \frac 1 2 g_{\nu\alpha,\beta } p^\nu p^\alpha $$ This means that if all the components of ##g_{\nu\alpha }## are constant for a given ##\beta##, then ##p_\beta## is also...
  20. G

    Modelling Rutherford Scattering - in the school lab

    Hi, New to the forum here! I'm teaching age 16-18 physics in the UK. I was wondering if anyone in here might have experience using equipment that looks like this: https://www.eiscolabs.com/products/alpha-scattering It's a physical analogue of Rutherford's famous experiment: roll ball bearings...
  21. russ_watters

    Lab Ventilation Energy Use and COVID

    Welcome to PF! I'm an HVAC engineer and I actually gave a talk/round-table with the founder of your organization a few years ago: https://www.westchesterbiotechproject.org/innovation-in-research-2017 One factoid I give on labs that speaks to what people know is that a single 8' constant volume...
  22. Y

    Equilibrium for a rotation lab

    So for the first one on the left is it T= 2g*20=40Nm ? Our professor said it is clockwise I just don't understand how she gets that conclusion.
  23. dcybroz

    What do I need for a home lab?

    Ok so I am an 8th-grader in Pakistan and I am highly interested in chemistry. I am also thinking about majoring in chemistry for 9th-grade. I watched some of NileReds videos about some chemical experiments like the chemical traffic light (chemical oxidization) and others. But I don't know where...
  24. person123

    Why are two pieces of wood stronger when bound together?

    The answer learned in class is that the two 2*4s are able to distribute the load over both of them, but I don't think this is an actual answer because that's balanced by the fact that each block is half the area. Does anyone know of the reason for this observation? Thanks!
  25. DanchoSuper

    Physics lab report calculating resultant forces -- help please

    i have attached my attempt above i have sent it to my teacher and he said i should fix the mistakes and resend it
  26. f95toli

    Experience of electronic lab notebook systems?

    I was wondering if someone has any experience of using a "large-scale" ELN system for experimental physics (mainly)? That is, ELNs that are used throughout an organisation to ensure compliance, proper handover etc Where I work there is now a discussion about buying a site-wide ELN to replace...
  27. sergey_le

    Chemical kinetics lab question

    last week i did a chemistry lab. i mixed NaOH 0.03M with equal part of methyl violet and mesured aborbance in a spectrophotometer. then i did the same thing with a 0.05M and methyl violet i did today the graphs and got the k' =-0.1647 for the first solution and k'=-0.4022 for the second...
  28. ORF

    Lab Experiment: Estimate the error in these measurements of Ohm's law

    Hi, I have measured a set of V-I values, and I have to provide the value of the resistance. I have used ac and dc current. The circuit was quite simple: power supply -> ammeter -> resistance -> [power supply] wave generator -> ammeter -> resistance -> [wave generator] Voltage was measured...
  29. Const@ntine

    Comp Sci PSPice Lab Exercise - Differentiator (Circuit)

    Look, this is a weird one, but I really need help. This is the Electronics Laboratory, that is supposed to be hands-on, but with Corona it got cancelled. However, they announced that we'd do it through the internet, had us download PSPice, and now we basically have to try and "translate" the...
  30. V

    Magnetism lab involving a nail and an Allen wrench

    So basically what I had to do was: 1. take a Allen wrench and let it come in contact with an iron nail. Nothing happened here. None of the objects are magnetic. 2. take the Allen wrench and let it touch the North end of a magnet. Then let the wrench come in Contact with the iron nail. Here the...
  31. T

    What does the thermal expansion lab data reveal?

    So guys I had physics lab where we used Steam Generator, Pasco interface and Capstone. In a nutshell there is graph attached below and formula, please write the solution with this formula.
  32. V

    Horizontal projectile motion lab

    This is how I think the set up of the lab should look like. I've decided the height to be y=1,5m. The length x is assumed to be 0.32m. where Voy =0m/s the time it takes for the marble to drop 1,5m is 0,55s the inital velocity of the marble is around 0,47m/s I Think I have the...
  33. C

    Other Not Sure What To Specialize In, Or Where To Go For My Program Of Study

    Hello, Currently I am an undergrad about 1 year or 3/2 year(s) away from graduating with a double major in computer science (which I am a lot stronger in) and physics. I have always been interested in advanced propulsion. I would really like to do research on the...
  34. T

    What are the Best Take-Home Physics Lab Kits for Non-Scientists?

    Any recommendations for a take-home physics lab kit? It's for a intro algebra-based physics course for non-scientists/non-engineers. There seem to be a few companies out there selling these kits, and I'm looking for feedback. They don't need to be super-fancy, but they need to be better than...
  35. S

    I Writing about a simple physics lab

    One of my novel's leads is a physics student. In the following lab: what would students learn about waves? What kind of measurement results would they get (not specific numbers, but, for instance, proportions of node lengths to rope lengths)?
  36. R

    I Lab frame and accelerator frame

    In the file I present below,it shows a way to calculate luminosity in boost frame when crossing angle exists.I can't understand why luminosity calculation is done in boost frame instead of lab frame where calculations are much easier.I also have difficulty understanding lab frame,accelerator...
  37. Sakyo107

    Finding the Average Acceleration

    Hello, so I am working on a projectile motion lab but I'm not sure what to do right now. Essentially, the lab consisted of my classmates and I using an air table to show that the vertical and horizontal components of projectile motion are independent. During one of our trials, we placed a puck...
  38. andacbaba123

    Meter Stick Lab Systematic Error

    Hello everyone! In class, we made a lab. The lab was basically first measuring a mass. Then, we found a meter stick's center of mass by finding the point where the stick was balanced. After that, we hanged the mass and changed the fulcrum point. We balanced it again and the torque equation gave...
  39. despues18

    Programs Seeking advice on how to search for a Graduate School in Molecular Biology

    Will finish B.S. in molecular biology in May. Have found asking vague questions about where to go/apply to next are pretty unhelpful. I believe that going through indexes of interesting research is the closest I can get to finding a place to advance myself and be happy in. here is an example...
  40. A

    Voltage Lab Conductive Paper Questions

    Good Day Hi all, I am doing a project with the standard lab about measuring equipotential surfaces with conductive paper, a voltmeter, and a power supply. I have a couple of questions about this project. I attach a jpeg of the equations for voltage calculations in the file “Equations.jpeg”...
  41. Curious_Student

    Mechanics Lab | A Simple Pendulum & a Small Magnet Underneath

    I have measurements of period time and distances that's all: T (sec) D (m) 0.9 0.008 0.91 0.009 0.97 0.01 0.98 0.011 1.06 0.012 I thought about adding the magnetic force like: T=2π*√l/(g+x) but have no clue how to integrate the distance there, I don't know even how to start...
  42. V

    Calculate the margin of error in this physics lab

    Bounce 1, Trial 1-4: ha (height after bounce) (0.74+0.67+0.69+0.73)/4=0,7075 this is my mean value. Standard Deviation, s: 0.033040379335998 (calculated the value using an online standard deviation calculator) Sample size N: 4 sx̄ = s/√N = 0.033040379335998/√4≈ 0.0165 At a 95% confidence...
  43. Suppaman

    B Expanding Space in the Lab: Investigating the Possibilities

    When I ask Google how to expand space, I get suggestions on removing junk or questions on what it is expanding in to. I am going to try asking here and I know I must phrase the issue properly. It is agreed that many scientists claim that space expanded around the time the universe began. I...
  44. B

    Physics Lab Propagation of Error Issue

    Homework Statement: Physics Lab Propagation of Error Issue Homework Equations: ∂f/∂b=∂/∂b (tan^(-1)⁡(a/4b))= 1/(1+(a/4b)^2 )×(-a)/(4b^2 )=1/(1+((5.922 cm)/(4×1.766 cm))^2 )×(-5.922 cm)/(4×(1.766 cm)^2 ) Hello, I'm trying to find the uncertainty in a function from the lab manual for the...
  45. Oleksander

    Other How to enroll in physics lab while getting MS CS?

    Hi everyone! I'm 30 y.o. Software Engineer from Ukraine. I have BS degree in Economics. For the lack of theoretical knowledge I decided to get a technical degree. My primary interests are Math and Computer Science. But I'd like to try more hands-on fields of natural sciences and engineering...
  46. W

    Calorimetry Lab Analysis (predict specific heat of unknown metal)

    Problem Statement: so we did an experiment. basically the teacher gave us each a cube of unknown metal and we had to figure out what it was using the specific heat. we put the metal in boiling water until it was 212C and then we put it in room temp water and we measured how much it heated the...
  47. N

    Planning an "Intro to lab work" lab?

    O.K. here's the deal, a friend and I are taking a physics teaching methods course as an elective, as a part of the requirement we were asked to plan and execute (teach) a one hour lab on kinematics ( specifically ballistic movement), the Tracker program and error estimation. We decided on...
  48. D

    Other Lab partner is more competent than me and tends to steamroll

    I'm currently taking a sophomore-level circuits/electronics lab. My lab partner just transferred from out of state in January, and is already probably in the top three in our class in general. He does very well in the two classes I share with him and seems to have fantastic discipline. The...
  49. Kaguro

    What is the Transformation of Four-Velocity between Frames?

    Rod R1 has a rest length `1m and rod R2 has rest length 2m. R1 is moving towards right with velocity v and R2 is moving towards left with velocity v with respect to lab frame. If R2 has length 1m in rest frame of R1, then v/c is what? ----------------------- I let vel of R1 be u, of R2 be w...