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  1. sekushi0range

    Reason for Ferroin color shift

    Ferroin is a redox indicator. It is the complexation of phenanthroline and iron. In its reduced state the Fe (II) - phenanthroline complex is red and in its oxidized state the Fe(III)- phenanthroline complex is blue. I am trying to understand in the context of d-d orbital transitions why this is...
  2. G

    I Does an iron ring shield a static magnetic field?

    Hi. This picture shows an iron ring shielding a static magnetic field: Does this really work, and why? I know that a conductor can shield an electric field (Faraday cage) and a changing magnetic field (Lenz's law), but why would it shield a static field? Especially since iron is a ferromagnet.
  3. C

    B Electrons, magnetism and spin

    Theory explains magnetism in iron as a combined effect of magnetic moments of electrons. Now, what is confusing me is that valence electrons in iron are supposed to be free. The valence band and conduction band overlap. So, what kind of orbital and spin-ular momentum do these free electrons...
  4. L

    Color of Fe(II) complexes

    There is something that I am not understanding about the visible colors of coordination complexes. I did a lab where I prepared [Fe(NH2trz)3]Br2 from FeBr2. Fe(NH2trz)3 was a violet color and FeBr2 was red. My understanding of colors in coordination complexes is that reds are high energy...
  5. Shahsquatch

    Magnet Fundamentals and Iron Powder

    I am creating a product that incorporates magnetic sensing of magnetic nanoparticles. However due to their cost, I have decided to search for other avenues of testing. My question is about whether Iron Powder will retain a magnetic field once magnetized. I basically will place some iron powder...
  6. G

    Zinc+Iron+Acetone+Hydrogen Peroxide

    When I added a zinc plated iron ball into the acetone-peroxide solution, they zinc started bubbling. The solution turned whitish. Then after leaving overnight it became grayish with orange red foam on top
  7. moenste

    Average mass of iron worn off the ring per day

    Homework Statement When iron is irradiated with neutrons an isotope of iron is formed. This isotope is radioactive with a half-value period (half-life) of 45 days. Give the meanings of the terms printed in italics. A steel piston ring of mass 16 g was irradiated with neutrons until its...
  8. H

    Oxidation of iron and galvanised iron in bleach

    In a laboratory experiment I have tested plain carbon steel in a beaker of bleach (sodium hypochlorite), immersed for a week. The result is a magenta-coloured solution with a large amount of ferrous hydroxide deposits. Q1) I haven't been able to find anywhere anything that might be causing...
  9. Arkthanon

    The Magnetic Force on an Iron Ring

    I decided to simulate this scene in Lord of the Rings for a project in school with the purpose of calculating the "real" mass of the One Ring. I've done the experiments according to this principle sketch but I have some troubles with calculating the magnetic force that the copper coil is...
  10. 1

    Which species of Fe are considered dissolved Fe?

    Homework Statement The question tells me that all dissolved iron species will have an activity of 0.1M. So is Fe(OH)42- considered a dissolved species of Fe, and if so, it will have an activity of 0.1M? Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I want to say that it is not considered...
  11. G

    Is it possible to create a magnetic wire out of iron?

    In other words, would a iron wire be magnetic at the tip? If i put the wire in contact with a bar magnet would it get stronger?
  12. Z

    Vaporization and Energy absorption

    In modern nanotechnologies, metals can be vapourized to coat onto the surface of another material as a thin but hard protective layer. How much energy would it take to heat 0.55 kg of iron from 1400oC to vapour at 2050oC?
  13. Stephanus

    Lithium fission

    Dear PF Forum, In previous thread, I am asking about fusion power. But there is one thing that intriguing me. This is one of the reactions that produces tritium. n + _3^6Li -> _2^4He + _1^3H + 4.8 Mev What is this reaction called? 1. Fusion? If yes, why it's called fusion? 2. Fission? 3. Other...
  14. R

    Magnetic powder question

    Does any kind of magnetic powder exist? I mean not iron powder, that is attracted to a magnet but vice versa, a type of powder, that when i take an iron nail or screw and get it close to that powder, the powder will attach itself to that iron object and stay there, for as long as it is not taken...
  15. R

    Ferromagnetic powder question!

    Hello! I am trying to understand a few properties of the ferromagnetic powder. I could not get the answers to these questions on the web, since any kind of phrasing i used, popped up search results that related to iron powder or ferromagnetic powder, which are manipulated and shape-shift...