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Does the immune system neutralise the toxin or the bacteria that created it?

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    Does the immune system neutralise the toxin created by the bacteria or does it only neutralise the bacteria. Or is it both? Thank you
    Also while we are at it how exactly does bacteria weaken something. For example if Bacteria infected a valve how does the valve get damaged is it because of the toxins.
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    Intoxication poisoning from bacteria produces cellular damage impeding the function of the systems it comes in contact with. The toxin is actually neutralized through the degradation of the cells it destroys and is further cleansed from the body by the kidneys. Bacteria themselves are destroyed by our white cells in the blood stream. But a reduction in white cells due to an underlying illness or other immune system impairement can allow the bacteria to grow unchecked requiring treatment.
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    Thanks for the nice precise answer getitright. Yeah that is what I was thinking. Hope you help me in the future as well :smile:
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    Anytime I can help.
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