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Does the time of submitting grad school applications matter?

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    I'm debating on whether to take the October or November Physics GRE. If I take the November test, I have more time to study, but I was wondering if it would affect my chances of getting admitted to a physics grad program if all the schools got my scores a month later than they otherwise would if I took the October test. Of course, I'm assuming that they will all get my scores before the application deadline. Do the admissions get more competitive the later the applications are submitted? Any help would be appreciated.
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    FYI, this concerns undergraduate admissions.

    in terms of graduate admissions, it varies. remember, the people looking over the apps arent administrators or anything--they're the professors who are considering taking you into their research lab. With this in mind, try thinking about graduate school admissions less like school and more like a job.

    a. if they have spots open, they're taking applications.
    b. if you're a superstar applicant, they'll probably take you right off the bat. most professors tend to know the quality of students they're school gets and if you are way beyond what the average is, I can't see why they'd wait to send you and acceptance letter. (assuming they start looking that early...)
    c. if you aren't a superstar applicant, they could just put you in the "maybe" pile until they look at more files to see how you compare. (or toss your application out the door....)

    it's so hard to make generalizations because its the profs doing the work!
    OP: do you go to a phd granting instutition? try asking some of your professors.

    and no, so long as you meet whatever deadlines they have, you should be fine. sending you application in sept probably wouldn't help you...
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