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Homework Help: Does this question give enough to be solved?

  1. May 12, 2013 #1
    A 9.0V battery is connected to 4 light bulbs, what is then current through the circuit?

    This was off my high school physics final I took 3 days ago. Is it just me or is there not enough info to figure it out? If the watts or resistance was given it would be possible, but I don't see how it is like this. I don't need an answer to the problem but if you explain how it could be done, if it can be. And yes this absolutely all the info I got for the question.
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    The question is underspecified. The best you might do is provide a symbolic result, with an assumed bulb resistance, say R. Even then you would have to make some assumptions about how the bulbs are wired (series/parallel).
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    Exactly what I was thinking. The issue is that it was multiple choice, and with a limited amount of.time so I couldn't sit and find what logical, possible scenario might be. Plus my answer may not have been an option. My teacher must have a had a typo. She is known for that.... I'll have to have that corrected.
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