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News Dozens killed in blasts near Bhutto's convoy

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    It is truly a tragedy. She should have stayed in exile; that would have been the smart thing to do. I remember watching the news and it was mentioned that they were very real treats of such attacks on her return. It was definitely not worth the 100+ lives. Then again nothing is worth it...

    Someone please remind me whats the purpose of her return.
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    I saw her speak on C-Span a few weeks ago, she looked pretty young for being a Prime Minister..........TWICE! A very intelligent and well spoken person.

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    Traditionally we haven't been in favour of democratically elected leaders in Pakistan - I think so far we have imposed sanctions on every democratic leader and supported every military leader.
    My advice would be to for her to buy some green suits and a false mustache.
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    I'm not convinced she is the best person to bring peace and harmony to Pakistan.

    The allegations of corruption are more than just trumped up charges to discredit her as Switzerland too has issued a warrant for her arrest on money laundering charges relating to millions rec'd in kickbacks in return for handing out a contract to a Swiss firm during Bhutto's second term in office between 1993 and 1996.
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    Returning from exile wasn't the bad idea, driving in a slow motorcade was a bad idea. In any case, she is a progressive, democratic female.
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    Has al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the blast?

    Traditionally, Benazir Bhutto and the Taliban (as well as the group of Islamist parties that make up the MMA Partiamentary coalition) have been very close political allies. Heck, without the financial and military support they got from Bhutto in the 90s, the Taliban would probably not have come to power in Afghanistan. Even recently, Bhutto has been congratulating the Taliban on holding out against Musharraf while at the same time condemning them for terrorist acts.

    The political rivals to Bhutto's PPP party are Musharraf's party and the MQM party (a minority rights activist group).
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