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Drafting question: Views with different scales

  1. Nov 14, 2012 #1
    If I have a drawing (in this case, of a machined part) that's 1:2 scale, and I have a detail view that, in relation to the rest of the drawing, is 4:1, what do I put as the scale for the detail view? 4:1 (relative to the rest of the drawing), or 2:1 (relative to the real piece)?
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    You put it as the scale that you typed in the box. Relative to the real piece. Everything should be relative to real life not to the drawing itself.
  4. Nov 14, 2012 #3
    That's the thing. The detail view is scaled differently from the sheet.

    So under "Detail A," I put the overall scale of the detail drawing, not in relation to the sheet. 4X relative to the drawing, drawing is 0.5X, so "Detail A | Scale 2:1". Thanks!
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    That is correct.

    It is perfectly acceptable and normal to have details at expanded scales, or location plans at reduced scales on the same drawing.

    Usually a different scale from the main drawing would be reported in the title of the inset eg

    Location plan scale 1:100

    Detail at A scale 10:1

    The first figure reported refers the drawing the second refers to reality so

    1:100 means 1 unit on the drawing means 100 units in reality.

    The word scale should not have a capital letter.

    go well
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