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Drinking too much water will kill you

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    My title is exagering the situation but a study found that drinking too much water may damage kidneys.

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20051116/walkerton_health_051116/20051117?hub=TopStories [Broken]
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    I had heard a new report about it here in North Carolina so I believe it
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    but exactly how much is TOO MUCH?
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    So you'll have problems(?) with more than 1.5 litre/hour. :surprised
    (1.5*24=36 l/day :biggrin: )
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    High urine volume in the bladder is damaging, since the water from the kidney in that case can't be emtied into the bladder. The kidney will retain the water and swell, causing damage to the organ.
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    I knew drinking too much water could kill you since I was a child in kindergarden. It's called DROWNING! :rofl: I'm just joking, but I did hear about the loss of proper electrolyte balance that comes with too much water. Marathon runner's must eat very salty snacks and prefer to drink gatorade as they are suceptible to consequences (probably not death) of drinking too much water.
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    On this note I'm heading to 7-11 for a double big gulp.
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