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Dsitribution of Stars and Galaxies?

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    Ho :),
    I would like to know how exactly stars and galaxies are spread out throughout the universe.

    Are stars only found within galaxies?

    How many stars are without any planets?

    Whats the average number of planets in a star with planets?

    Whats the maximum/minimum number of planets with stars?

    Whats the galaxy:star ratio?

    Basically I would like to know everything required in order to create an artificial universe.

    Thanks :)




    If theres a good linke/document/book on this thatd be great.
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    While there are definitely stars outside of galaxies, the vast, vast majority are within them. There are approximately 100 billion galaxies visible from Earth, and they, on average, have approximately 100 billion stars each.

    We also expect that planets are the norm, but we don't actually know how common they are. Our observations of planets are so far very limited.
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    Most of your star/planet ratio questions we just don't know yet, although they do seem more common than was originally thought.
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