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Dumbo the Kangamouse caught on film

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    I saw this on the news this morning and fell instantly in love. And for those wanting it as a pet its quite endangered so the odds are as long as its ears.
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    Oh, it's adorable!!
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    Those guys are really cute. I have never seen anything like this, the videos on the link almost looked animated. They were so funny!
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    Thats one ugly rat.
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    I thought so too until I watched the videos. If you watched the videos then :grumpy:.
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    We've got some very similar mice here, though their ears are not that big. They can hop around pretty quickly. When I was younger and we harvested potatoes by hand, it was not unusual to unearth their nests while digging the rows, and they'd shake off the dirt and go hopping off.
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    Oh how I wish we got wildlife like that where I live out here. All we get is the annual duck in our pool, the once every two years hawk in the yard, that one legged pigeon, the lizards on the tree, and the rare family of quails. Otherwise its just pigeons and ferril cats.
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    Wow that is adorable! Thats some fancy tail it has too.
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