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E^(i[itex]\omega[/itex]t) question

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    Is this the correct notation to define this function?


    Does this exponential function take a complex element from the set C and assign to it a real element from the set R?
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    D H

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    It's the other way around assuming that ω and t are real. ##f(\omega,t) = e^{i\omega t}## maps ℝ×ℝ to ℂ. (Specifically, to the complex unit circle rather than ℂ in general.)
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    Thanks for the replies! D H, is the complex unit circle in the complex plane, meaning that the x axis is the real number line and the y axis is the imaginary number line?
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    Thanks mathman
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    dont for get to thank people via the thanks button
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    Ok, thanks for mentioning that jedishrfu
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