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In summary, a recent study has dated new H. erectus fossils found in South Africa to 1.95 million years ago, making them 200,000 years older than the previously oldest H. erectus fossil found in Georgia. This pushes back the timeline for this hominin species and raises questions about their migration and competition with other contemporary hominins. This study also suggests the presence of three sympatric populations of hominins, including H. erectus, which challenges the previous belief that they had all left Africa. However, it is important to note that the lack of evidence does not necessarily mean something does not exist, and researchers must be cautious in their conclusions.
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TL;DR Summary
This paper in science last week https://science.sciencemag.org/content/368/6486/eaaw7293.full

Suggests that three archaic hominins, Homo erectus Australopithecus and Paranthropus found at Drimolen cave in South Africa between 2015-18 were contemporaries.
The previously oldest H. Erectus fossil was dated 1.85 million years from Georgia.
These specimens from South Africa have been dated 200,000 years earlier, pre dating a magnetic 'flip' that occurred in the Earth's magnetic field 1.95 million years ago.
This magnetic reversal was one of part of one of the techniques used on the surrounding sediments.
This study has implications regarding migration and competion models of these hominins who were contemporaries according to the dates.
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One of the take-away concepts is that there were three sympatric populations of hominins, including H. erectus. Prior to this study, H. erectus was thought to have left Africa. Due to lack of evidence. It is not possible to assert that something categorically does not exist without testing absolutely every possibility - I guess in this case digging up a continent for fossils.

So researchers use statements like 'no evidence for X' when they are being careful. Magazine writers not so careful.
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What is the earliest Homo erectus fossil that has been dated?

The earliest Homo erectus fossil that has been dated is known as KNM-ER 3733, which was found in Kenya and is estimated to be around 1.9 million years old.

How was the age of the earliest Homo erectus fossil determined?

The age of the earliest Homo erectus fossil was determined through a process called radiometric dating, which measures the decay of radioactive isotopes in the fossil's surrounding sediment or rock layer.

What characteristics distinguish Homo erectus from other hominin species?

Homo erectus is characterized by its larger brain size, more modern body proportions, and the ability to walk upright on two legs. They also had a larger range of tool-making abilities and were the first hominin species to migrate out of Africa.

Why is the discovery of the earliest Homo erectus fossil significant?

The discovery of the earliest Homo erectus fossil provides important insights into the evolution of our species and sheds light on the origins of human migration. It also allows scientists to better understand the physical and behavioral characteristics of Homo erectus and how they may have influenced the development of later hominin species.

What does the dating of the earliest Homo erectus fossil tell us about human evolution?

The dating of the earliest Homo erectus fossil suggests that this species emerged around 2 million years ago, which is earlier than previously thought. This pushes back the timeline for when early humans began to migrate out of Africa and provides a better understanding of the evolutionary timeline of our species.

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