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Economic difficulties force me to restart college

  1. Mar 12, 2013 #1
    I'm a 3rd year major in physics. Unfortunately, I come from a pretty poor family and I study away from home, and we've been hit by an economic disaster that forces me to abandon college. I'm pretty good in my studies, I got a scholarship and I was at the top 10 of the best students of my university. There are no jobs available to make me independant, and as a result I have to return to my home.

    I don't want to abandon my studies. Transfers are not allowed in my country so, I have to take the panhellenic examinations again (something like the SAT). I'm pretty confident that I will score high enough to get accepted in the university of Athens (I live in Athens btw). Problem is, the educational system is pretty messed up: I have to start all over again; there is no such thing as transfer credit. I am determined enough to ignore that and start all over again. Because I have enough knowledge of physics (I know pretty well classical and quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and general relativity) I will try and take my chances with the math department. I ask you this: will the college I go for graduate studies take into consideration the physics courses I took in my first university? Because if not, I will have to go to the physics department.

    Thank you in advance!
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    For grad school applications, you will submit transcripts from every university you attended, so they should certainly take your physics courses into consideration. You can draw attention to them, and mention the hardship that led to the university change, in your essay if necessary.
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    That's good. Another problem is that my grades were starting to fall down after the 2nd semester because I worked 2 jobs to earn my living, neglecting college in the process. I'm afraid that they might reject me at the screening test.

    Please, forgive my over-anxiousness (and my bad english :P) but I'm in a real nerve-wracking situation at the moment...
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