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Effect of Human Biofield & Quantum Science Behind it

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    The Biofield Energy that is also known as the electromagnetic field possessed by every human being has been used for treating human ailments since centuries. I want to know about the Quantum physics behind this and is it really possible to influence the DNA structure of a living being or atomic structure of the non living compound using these electromagnetic field.
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    "Biofield Energy" is a broad heading for a bunch of junk science and mysticism. It is not a suitable topic for PF. That said, there are many medical applications for EM fields ranging from using lasers for surgery, to using transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat psychiatric disorders, to using implanted electrodes in pacemakers, to using xrays for imaging or radiotherapy. In the professional literature, none of these go by the name "biofield energy".

    This thread cannot be discussed, but if you are interested in learning about any specific medical application of EM then we can discuss that.
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