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Effective ways to curb vandalism?

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    Our teacher has given us a discussion topic : Think of 3 effective ways to solve vandalism problem at school. And she asked us to think of "mature" and "in-depth" method.

    Well, so far our group can only think of three points:
    1) Cooperation between the discipline teacher, Prefect and Safety Units.
    - Increase the rate of patrolling around the school and spot check to prevent any students to bring destructive tools to school.

    2) Co-curriculum activities
    - Set up an anti-crime society to help prefect and teachers with their tasks.
    - Set up physical activities related co-curricular activities such as boxing to help the students to release their anger and tension.

    3) Counseling (bla, bla, bla, all the old stuff you write in your primary school essay)

    Frankly....the above points will almost certainly be unpractical....and certainly childish.

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Any recommendation is welcomed!

    p/s : I prefer Physics and Maths over essay...headache.
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    Cameras monitoring the school.
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    I believe it's Singapore where you get horse whipped for doing things like vandalism, and they don't have any vandalism problems there.

    I think that means install cameras then make it widely known who vandalizes what. Spread it around community leagues, churches, make all teachers aware, put their pictures on the poster board behind the glass case. Eventually somebody will beat the kid. o:)
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    Take away the cause of vandalism.

    Why would somebody be destructive in public? Isn't all primary primitive action ultimately about forfillment of the most important demands of existance? security, propagation, wealth, recognition.

    Why vandalism? To convey a message: I'm here, I'm important, I'm a hero, I'm afraid of nothing, look how brave I can shatter this window. So, I'm more than ready to defend our group against any threat. I can do anything, I'm the leader, so I'm the ideal partner who deserves love and affection and admiration of course.

    So if you can give him all that, there is no need to be destructive. If not, give him plenty of diversion. competition, sport, sport, sport.

    The most certain way to induce vandalism?: indifference, no attention. it takes a lot of effort to raise kids (boys).
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    I would tend to think most destruction is done by followers. One guy is bold enough to break a window, then suddenly his 5 friends think "oh cool he totally smashed it, my turn!"
    As a parent you probably know somebody who is a natural leader, and when they lead your son into bad things you say they're a "bad influence". In that regard, your son is probably a follower. When alone, your son doesn't cause trouble, but your son can be a monster when he's around that bad influence kid. If he's always a trouble maker, even when alone, your kid is that bad influence kid.

    Harsh punishment (non-violent in North America) is probably enough to deter vandalism. Make him pay to fix the damage, all of it. Take away things like recess. Make him sit away from anybody who would be thought of as his friend. Make him eat lunch in the school office where he has nobody to talk to. Being treated like a second class citizen for a few weeks might shake the kid up a little, hopefully enough to prevent further vandalism.

    I should point out that the "zero tolerance" craze is not exactly harsh punishment, and I do not think it should be used against vandalism. Being expelled from every school in a district does not seem all that bad when you hate school and respect is given to those who break the rules. You smash a window and suddenly you're a legend among your friends, wow! For the short term, this is great PR! For the long term, it means the kid will end up with a lack of proper education because no school will accept him. I knew a guy who was expelled for attacking a kid with a butter knife (the kind of knife with no sharp edges), and ultimately it lead to him being banned from every single school in the area, so right now he has no high school education. He works at a crappy job and he has no prospects for the future. Yes it's wrong to attack another student who provokes you, but it's also wrong to curse somebody into mediocrity for the rest of their life because the school system doesn't know what else to do in response.
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    30 page essays on the cost of vandalism to society assigned to all who are caught vandalizing, and they are made to sit in the library for supervised detention for 2 hr every day after school and 4 hr every weekend until the report is completed to the teacher's satisfaction. :devil:
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    People vandalize because they lack empathy for others. They do not appreciate that there actions have consequences for other people.
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    Thanks for all the marvelous suggestion and idea! I did not expect there will be any reply at all:smile:

    And by the way....the suggestion above....:bugeye: I will certainly think twice if I am thinking of vandalising:biggrin:
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    Public corporal punishment, six of the best with their pants down, i think it
    would work on football thugs as well, the punishment taking place on the
    pitch before the match starts.
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    There was a trial here in the UK where areas suffering particularly badly from vandalism (areas as in particular walls etc.) were hooked up with a speaker than played classical music 24/7. It worked, took 4 days after the installation for some graffiti to appear (when it took around 15 minutes for vandals to return to the freshly painted scene otherwise). I would suspect there's several reasons this approach works - firstly, from a psychological point of view, people assume that since there's music being played outside, someone must be paying attention. Secondly, they don't want to listen to classical music.

    The solution to riding the world of vandals then seems pretty obvious :smile:

    That and I whole heartedly agree with wolram; a fresh beating would do the trick. (When someone is entered to the A-wing of a UK prison - that is, the most dangerous zone, murderers etc - they are handed a playstation 2 and a television, have unmediated access to toasters/microwaves/many conveniences.)
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    I don't think so, the higher the penalty the more heroic it is to risk it, and the more admiration the "heroes" get.

    Better think of something that ridicules them in front of the gang. That's the most deadly that can happen.
  13. Apr 12, 2007 #12


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    Nah, being sequestered in a library where nobody else can see you takes away all the fun. Of course, I think everyone missed the real point...a lot of vandalism occurs during those idle hours between when school ends and parents arrive home from work, when kids are unsupervised and left to their own devices. Forcing them to sit in a library, supervised, during those hours, simply removes them from the street so they can't vandalize. And, they might accidentally learn something while there.

    I don't think so. I think that's what they want, public attention. I know (hope) people are mostly joking about the idea of public corporal punishment, but that would probably have exactly the opposite of the desired effect. They could show off how tough they are by taking their punishment publicly and then bragging about it.

    Being trapped in a library to write an essay is not much of a punishment to brag about...can you even imagine the type of kids who are prone to vandalism going around bragging, "Yeah, look at my kick butt essay! I showed them!" The difficulty of implementing it, though, is you really need a dedicated teacher or other adult to supervise them. If they just sit there babysitting while the kids write 30 pages of crap, then it's a challenge for the vandals to see how fast they can write 30 pages of crap and just how little effort they can get away with to get out of detention in the shortest time, and then that defeats the entire purpose. If you have a truly dedicated teacher who really forces them to do some quality research and writing, there's no glory or quick escape, it's real work. The scary thing is, they might learn more in detention than in their classes with the more one-on-one approach to having a responsible adult actually having high expectations of them and making them sit down and do school work.

    Of course, the topic of the essay could be changed for each student. Perhaps some lessons on art history for the graffiti artist, or an essay about windows from glass production to installation for the kid who smashes a window.

    The other side of it is that when the detention lasts until the assignment is done right, they are forced to accomplish something productive, not just while away the time twiddling their thumbs and marking off days on the calendar. And, you make them turn into their worst nightmare...a nerd who has to read and write and study every day! :rofl:
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    If every surface of the school were on fire vandalism would be difficult....
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    :rofl: Well, that certainly would be a creative approach. :rofl:
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    That's the message for the public. The true message behind it is: my mother and father never really cared much about me.

    It's as simple as that. :smile:
  17. Apr 12, 2007 #16
    :rofl: I think the crowd we're talking about is a wee bit older than that.

    which state are you in? different states tend to have different policies on "acceptable" forms of punishment
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    You need cameras period.

    People vandalize in the washrooms at work all the time. Impossible to really crack down on that. One time the whole washroom was written on. Every inch of it. Then it got painted so it was all gone. Yet, it ended up all written again. Then painted again. Then written again. Now, it just got painted awhile ago, and now there is a big bold sentence at the top of the washroom wall that reads... "Think paint can stop us!"

    So, paint does not work.
  19. Apr 12, 2007 #18
    and this was done by a coworker?
  20. Apr 12, 2007 #19
    a lot of the vandals i knew were vandals because they didn't have anything better to do with their time. it wasn't like "i need to prove to my friends im a bad ass. to do this, im going to throw rocks at windows", it was more like "im bored. i wonder if this window will dent, shatter, or if its punk proof...its punk proof?! i need a bigger rock! im on a mission now". part of it was knowing that it was wrong and the absurdity of it all was comical, and part of it was the thrill of confrontation that was going to ensue (for those who haven't had the pleasure, running from police can be an interesting way to spend a friday night with friends).

    with this in mind, i would suggest a youth center where kids can play basketball, shoot some pool, and play some arcades with adults around who know a thing or two about troubled youth. people who wouldn't say things like "YOUNGSTER! you cant curse around here like that! if you cant be a gentlemen then i have to ask you to leave good sir!" because after all, you want the type of kids who's every third word is something vulgar to spend their time here instead of giving windows the rock test.

    beatings would work quite well i think, but then you have an under stimulated youth who ends up having even less stimulation, and when your that starved for something to spend your time on, suggestions of others becomes a lot more appealing of an alternative (pimps, drug dealers, worse)
  21. Apr 12, 2007 #20
    this reminds me of a billboard that was on my way to work. it was one of those "got milk?" adds but someone crossed out "milk" and wrote "herpes" to make it say "got herpes". they took the add down of course, leaving bare plywood, then someone wrote "you cant get rid of herpes!" on it. :rofl:

    it just goes to show you that vandalism can sometimes enrich our lives after all
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