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Einstein's riddle

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    I once heard about Einstein's Riddle. I wanted to investigate a bit further so I looked it up and I found it. Einstein's five houses riddle. Some friends and I wanted to test if the 98% estimation was right, so we got together and wrote the rules down (our rules). There were ten of us, we had exactly one hour to solve it. The final result:
    I was the only one who solved it under the hour, (27 minutes) and two other solved it in over an hour. The rest could't get the answer so they gave up. So, have you ever tried the riddle? If you solved it, how long did it take you?
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    How about demonstrating your (27 minute) genius by providing us a link to the riddle you're talking about so we can do it ourselves?
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    Link? If you have a pair of hands you could just google it yourself.. Einstein's five houses riddle.
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    About the same as you. I can't remember, because I think was six. Possibly seven.
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