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Elastic Potential Energy and spring

  1. Feb 4, 2009 #1
    A 2.40 kg object is hanging from the end of a vertical spring. The spring constant is 40.0 N/m. The object is pulled 0.200 m downward and released from rest. Complete the table below by calculating the translational kinetic energy, the gravitational potential energy, the elastic potential energy, and the total mechanical energy E for each of the vertical positions indicated. The vertical positions h indicate distances above the point of release, where h = 0

    I have already found kinetic and gravitational potential energy. I need to find elastic potential energy at h=0, .2, and .4m

    Elastic Potential Energy= .5kx squared

    .5(40)(.2)squared= .8 J

    .8 J is the incorrect answer, but i know .5kx squared is the right equation... what am I doing wrong?!?!

    At this height (.2 above the release point) I found the correct kinetic energy to be .81 J and the correct gPE to be 4.7088 J
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    I'm confused over the point of release and the equilibrium point.
    Looks to me like the point of release is h = 0, x = -0.2.
    So at h = 0.2, x = 0 and the Elastic PE = 0.
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