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Homework Help: Elasticity: finding weight density

  1. May 1, 2007 #1
    you have been given weight density Ao of water at normal atmosphere pressure Po and you asked to find its new weighty density A1 if the new pressure s P1.

    I tried to solve it assuming that if there is a compression( increase of pressure) the weighty demsity decreases. But how to find it and pove it?
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    Water is incompressible so its density does not change with pressure.

    I have never heard of 'weight density' or 'weighty demsity' so I assume you mean density.

    There are a lot of typos in your submission. Make a habit of reading what you have typed.
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    Water is only 'almost incompressible'. Not completely. At bottom of the ocean depths its a percent or two more dense just due to the pressure. You need to look up the bulk modulus of water.
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