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Electro magnetic craft levitation at earths magnetic pole possible?

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    the reason for this idea is to replace most rocket fuel needed for soft re-entry with other type of energy in to earths atmosphere (NOT to move around, just slow down)

    lets assume you have a HUGE energy supply and a craft with capability to generating an electromagnetic field (direction of field of course selectable), you have some sort of thrusters to keep the craft leveled at all times.. AND you doing it at the magnetic POLE on earth (south or north)

    i'm not capable doing this math, but it seems its to me there could be 3 issue's:
    #1 how much electric energy is required to generate a strong enough electromagnetic field to slow down a craft with above conditions
    #2 would the electric power source be light enough to generate the required field under the above conditions,
    #3 would a human being survive being in such craft assuming the magnetic field strength must be enorm and we do have iron in our system
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    No, the Earth's magnetic field is much too weak to be used for any kind of propulsion or re-entry slowing.
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