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I Magnetic levitated electric wire

  1. May 16, 2017 #1
    I'm thinking about making an instrument to show the force on a wire carrying electric current for students in lab. A normal wire which levitates from ground after it has current flowing in it.

    We have the following equations

    F = ILBsin(a)
    W = ALg

    'A' being the mass of unit length of the wire. We will make the magnetic field perpendicular to the current flow so a=Pi/2 and sin(a)=1 and I want the wire to be suspended above the ground so in equilibrium we must have:

    F = W
    ILB = ALg
    IB = Ag

    Since g and A are constant in this device what I will need to do is playing with magnetic field and electric current.
    I'm not very familiar with the Earnshaw theorem but I know if I use an AC current this is doable. I can use normal power outlets (220 V in this case) but I don't know how to create the uniform magnetic field needed. Are natural magnets (Like Neodymium magnets) better or a magnetic field generated by another wire or coil?
    Is there any easier way to do this?
    What are notes to keep in mind in this experiment?
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