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Electro (or electro-funk) is a genre of electronic music and early hip hop directly influenced by the use of the Roland TR-808 drum machines, and funk. Records in the genre typically feature drum machines and heavy electronic sounds, usually without vocals, although if vocals are present they are delivered in a deadpan manner, often through electronic distortion such as vocoding and talkboxing. This is the main distinction between electro and previously prominent genres such as disco, in which the electronic sound was only part of the instrumentation. It also palpably deviates from its predecessor boogie for being less vocal-oriented and more focused on electronic beats produced by drum machines.
Following the decline of disco music in the United States, electro emerged as a fusion of funk and early hip-hop with principal influences from New York boogie, German and Japanese electronic pop music. The genre emerged with musicians Arthur Baker, Afrika Bambaataa, Warp 9, and Hashim. Seminal electro tracks included "Planet Rock" (1982) and "Nunk" (1982), both featuring its characteristic TR-808 drum beats.
The early 1980s were electro's mainstream peak. By the mid 1980s, the genre moved away from its electronic and funk influences, using harder edged beats and rock samples, exemplified by Run DMC. Electro became popular again in the late 1990s with artists such as Anthony Rother and DJs such as Dave Clarke. A third wave of popularity occurred in 2007. Electro has branched out into subgenres, including electrocore and skweee.

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  1. G

    I Solving the EM field equations to produce the desired vector field

    So, we have A, the magnetic vector potential, and its divergence is the Lorenz gauge condition. I want to solve for the two vector fields of F and G, and I'm wondering how I should begin##\nabla \cdot \mathbf{F}=-\nabla \cdot\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\mathbf{A} =-\frac{\partial}{\partial...
  2. H

    The polarization charge density ##\rho##p in a charged dialectric

    Hi, I have a dialectric cube and inside the center of the cube I have a part where we have Introduced evenly electrons. I have to find the polarization charge density in the 3 regions. I know outside the cube is the vacuum, thus ##\vec{P} = 0## and inside the dialectric (non charged part)...
  3. llha

    E-Field immediately outside a charged conductor

    Griffith's says this, and I'm not exactly sure why... If you had a solid, spherical, and externally induced conductor... Does this mean that IMMEDIATELY outside, when you're infinitesimally close to the surface, E looks like this? If you surround the entire conductor with a Gaussian surface...
  4. yakhassan

    I want to study electrical electronics but i don't know about it

    Summary:: I am a student and i plan to study electrical electronics but i don't know how to go about it.Anyone who is into it can you please guide me on how to become one I am a student and i plan to study electrical electronics but i don't know how to go about it.Anyone who is into it can you...
  5. E

    How to find electric field given points of electric potentia

    I have what at first seems like a very simple problem, yet I have no clue how to solve it. There is 1 point defined to have 0V, and another point has exactly 1V. Assume there is nothing else in the universe. https://i.imgur.com/iv9oL5j.png How do I find the electric potential and field at any...
  6. L

    How Can I Make a Small Electromagnet as Powerful as Possible?

    Hello, i need a small electro magnet with it's dimension not bigger than 8 millimetre (0,31 inch) in diameter with a length under 10 millimetre (0,39 inch). I want it to be as powerful as possible, where do i find such magnets? And how should i make my own? How powerful is it possible to make...
  7. Y

    Paid Internships in Lasers & Electro Optics

    Hi All, I am a student of Master of Technology course in Applied Physics, specializing in Lasers & Electro Optics from, India. As part of the curriculum of the course, I have to do internship in an industry or a R&D Lab working in Lasers & Electro Optics. I would be highly grateful to you all...
  8. Jimmy D

    Electro Weak Unification Theory

    Hello all, I'm curious about Electro Weak relationship. I differentiate between mechanism and mathematics, with the equilibrium falling heavily to the left. Good with the former, weaker with the latter. Anybody aware of relevant philosophy/findings? Thanks much. Jim
  9. C

    Electrical Circuit Project: Two Motors + Button | Help Needed!

    hello, I am absoloute dummy in electrical circuits, so please can you help me with my project? My idea is circuit with two electromotors and button. After 1st button press I need: Motor 1 spins into certain position After that motor 2 spins into certain position After that motor 1 spin back to...
  10. J

    Calculating hovering of an electro plane

    I am trying to calculate the necessary amount of power (watts) for a RC plane to hover or to move vertically up. The electro engine has an efficiency of 80% and the propeller efficiency is 50%. The plane weight is around 1 kg.
  11. J

    Unable to get the expected result in Electro-thermal-Structural problem

    Good Day, I am working on a problem in which i am coupling "Thermal-Electric" physics with "Transient Structural" in Ansys workbench V 14.5. I am supplying electric energy(Voltage) to a structure which gets heats up due to Joule Thomson effect, and then i connect it's "Solution" to "Setup" tab...
  12. W

    Air valve operated by permanent & electro magnet

    I am looking to open a series of valves in a chamber under 10" of lift(water) ~.36psi which are normally held closed by a very light spring and the constant air pressure. The valves are very light weight and range in surface size from approx 2 to 6 sq inches, or approx .72 to 2.16 lb of initial...
  13. adjacent

    Definition of Electro Motive Force

    Homework Statement The title. I am confused with the definition as my textbook does not have a good definition for this. P.S I have my exams tomorrow so I can't ask my teacher now.(Mid night) Homework Equations $$V=\frac{E}{Q}$$The Attempt at a Solution E.M.F is the energy given to each...
  14. A

    How Can You Create a Long-Distance Linear Electromagnetic Field in Open Air?

    how could i make a linear electromagnetic field to a great distance
  15. Z

    Magnetic fields -- building a strong electro magnet with ac power

    Hello. I'm looking to build a strong electro magnet with ac power. I was going to use a MOT transformer so the primary was going to be the same windings. For the secondary windings though I'm trying to decide if I want to go with a higher current or voltage. I would assume that a stronger...
  16. J

    Electromagnets and Permanent Magnets: Equal Repulsion Force?

    Homework Statement My 10 year old granddaughter started her new school term last week and was presented with an electromagnet problem by her new science teacher. The class is allowed to use any non-physical method to solve this for their lesson next Wednesday. A direct link to my 'Dropbox'...
  17. retro10x

    Using Legendre Polynomials in Electro

    Homework Statement A conducting spherical shell of radius R is cut in half and the two halves are infinitesimally separated (you can ignore the separation in the calculation). If the upper hemisphere is held at potential V0 and the lower half is grounded find the approximate potential for...
  18. S

    Understanding Electrostatic Induction in Dielectrics

    During electrostatic induction,a posivitiely charged body is brought near to a uncharged body.During this uncharged body gets bound negative change toward the end of the body near to charged body. My question is in reality what happens to the electron and proton of uncharged body.Do the all...
  19. 0

    How does electro dynamical instruments work?

    I know that electro dynamical instrument has moving coil and stationary coil, and moving coil moves around it, does stationary coil make homogenic magnetic field? And moving coil moves around axis, and we have coil springs where they are placed and what they do? In instrument with moving coil we...
  20. 2

    How can I optimize my electro magnet?

    Hey guys.. I trying to build an magnet which can pull an object with 5N.. I am using S37 as my the iron for my horseshoe magnet, And been using this formula to convert Newtonian Force to magnetic force \vec{F}=\frac{B}{µ0}*A A= cross sectional area = 0,002*1/100 M^2 B = Magnetic Force...
  21. dexterdev

    Doubt regarding Transit time in electro magnetics

    Hello PF, I was watching a video from NPTEL (transmission lines), where the professor was explaining transit time. Ok now my doubt is that is the transit time delay in transmission lines due to distributed capacitors and inductors alone. Do resistors contribute to delay. For a...
  22. H

    Longitudional electro magnetic waves and linear polarisation

    Hello, Are longitudinal EM waves ( I know they exist) any different from linearly polarised waves we learn about in antennae theory Just to be clear http://www.antenna-theory.com/basics/polarization.php defines linear polarisation pretty clearly in the context i am talking about
  23. U

    What Materials and Calculations Are Best for Building a Micro Motor?

    Ok, I want to start by saying I have been out of this field for some time and I have regrettably lost a lot of my knowledge. So I may require a little patients, but here it goes. I am wanting to construct a micro motor. I was trying to decide on what materials to make the internal...
  24. Q

    Why does the Electro Magnetic Spectrum have limits?

    we set limits by what we can measure; therefore, it is what we have. This is my general understanding. I think it extends at both ends and we haven't found the means to measure it as of current. what are we doing to expand the spectrum? my simple question.
  25. T

    What Battery Voltage is Optimal for My Self-Built Electro Magnet?

    This might be too simple of a question but i am building an electro magnet and breaking down all of the components for sheer practice. when i measure my coils resistance it came to roughly between .9Ω and 1.3Ω... what battery (what voltage should i use to get the most power from my magnet and...
  26. M

    Oxidation & Reduction: Measurement of Power - Electrochemistry

    how oxidation or reduction potential a measure of oxidizing or reducing power,it just observed that higher r.p or o.p higher oxidizing power or reducing power,or it has well sounded explanation
  27. S

    Can the force exerted by a perm magnet be equated to electro magnet watts?

    Hey guys, sorry if this is wrong place to post this. If it is let me and I will try and find the right place. It was the only category where I saw something about energy and physics. This is also probably a basic question but I hope you don't mind me asking. Let's say you have an electro...
  28. N

    How do I build an electro magnet strong enough to vibrate piano strings?

    I would like to build an electro magnet capable of causing piano strings to vibrate without the strings being struck first. As long as the hammers are up, the strings would vibrate on their own accord. An E-bow, used by guitarist for the same purpose, will (sort of) work on a limited range on...
  29. S

    Could I use electro magnets to repulse the earths magnetic field to levitate?

    I have this idea that I could use some electromagents that wen I run current through will repulse the Earth's magnetic field and that the higher voltage(or whatever electrical unti I decide to use) would send and object farther away from the ground and that the lower current would bring it...
  30. G

    Electro dynamics, E/B fields inside wire

    http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/3444/asdfga.jpg i'm used to approaching these questions by using either guass' law or amperes law but in this question i don't see how either will help since there's no enclosed charge its a current, and also since the whole wire carries the current and you...
  31. J

    Feynman Diagrams: Exploring Electroweak Vertices

    I have a question about Feynman Diagrams: let's say we have a process: up antidown -> W+ -> up antidown... the first vertex is like V_CKM G PL ( mixing, gamma, projector) the second is the same..only with the complex conjugate CKM matrix... but why?... If I compute the M* I have to...
  32. P

    Easy electro charge question, calculation error?

    Homework Statement The sum of two point charges is + 11μC. When they are 2.9 cm apart, each experiences a force of 194 N. Find the charges given that the force is: (a)Repulsive (b)Attractive (In microNewtons) Homework Equations F = KqQ/r^2 q + Q = Net charge The Attempt at a...
  33. B

    The ratio of strength between electro magnetic and gravitational force

    In stenger's book he claims that the ratio between gravity and the electro magnetic is not 1039 Let me know if you think he's right Note that N1 (ratio of EM force to gravity) is not a universal number; it depends on the charges and masses of the bodies you use in the calculation. For an...
  34. S

    Electro magnetic craft levitation at earths magnetic pole possible?

    the reason for this idea is to replace most rocket fuel needed for soft re-entry with other type of energy into Earth's atmosphere (NOT to move around, just slow down) lets assume you have a HUGE energy supply and a craft with capability to generating an electromagnetic field (direction of...
  35. A

    Chemistry: Electro chemistry help PLEASE?

    Chemistry: Electro chemistry help! PLEASE? Photographic film contains a thin layer of silver bromide (AgBr) Crystals. When the light hits the film. Electrons are transferred from the Br- to the Ag + ions. Dark patches of metallic silver appear on the film where the lens of the camera focused...
  36. O

    Trying to compute electro static field

    Homework Statement i tried to compute the electrostatic field of a charged ring at a point not in the center i have problem with transforming from xy to polar system what do you think about this try? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  37. T

    Electro Statics What am I missing?

    Electro Statics...What am I missing!? Homework Statement A balloon rubbed against denim gains a charge of 8.0microcoulumbs (I can't do the sign O.o). What is the electric force between the denim and balloon when the two are separated by a distance of 5.0 cm? Homework Equations...
  38. Eagle9

    Energy from solar panels and electro motor

    As known, the Earth receives that solar radiation and its value approximately is equal to 1.4 W/m² (data taken from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_radiation ). Now imagine that there is some electric motor placed in the Earth’s orbit and it rotates the rod with some certain mass (let’s...
  39. S

    Electro Dynamics Curl Question (semi-basic)

    Homework Statement (I use \x for a vector) A fluid has an angular velocity u about the z-axis (right hand rule). the velocity of a point in the fluid is \v = \u X \r. \u = u0 / s2 (z-hat). (u-naught is a constant) Find \DEL X \v (del as in the symbol del) Homework Equations The curl in...
  40. L

    Understanding Photodivision and Electrodivision in Electron Beam Oncology

    Im reading a paper about use of electron beams in oncology and it says: "The mechanism of neutron production in the region of electron beam energies under consideration is determined by photodivision of nuclei by bremsstrahlung photons and the small contribution of electrodivision by...
  41. D

    Make an Electro Magnet for Your Project

    i need to know how to make an electro magnet i can plug into my wall outlet. it is for a project I'm working on and a need a constent flow i can turn on and off. it only needs to lift under one pound. also will a electro magnet work with a north and south like a regular magnets or will it just...
  42. S

    Make sure electro does not fall

    THIS IS NOT A HOME WORK QUESTION THIS AS FROM ANOTHER Tutorial find the electric field E need to prevent an electron from falling down to ground, when close to surface of the earth. i approached this question saying that take gravity into account and take Earth to be negatively charged...
  43. M

    Do types of electro magnetic radiation exist that we can not detect?

    Basically what I am wondering is if types of electro magnetic radiation exist that are on a wavelenght or frequency that we can't detect with our technology? My follow up question would be is it possible black holes give off that type of radiation? I suspect the answer I'll get from most...
  44. O

    Crack the Code: Understanding Electro Optic with Expert Answers

    Hello guys I am taking electro optic this semester. . I had a quiz last friday. I could not do couple of questions. 1.The reason of the 1550 nm fiberoptic systems are more populer than 1300nm is, 1550 has less attenuation? 2.What is the aprroximate value of the loss of present day fiber...
  45. G

    Electro chem, basic concept problem

    hey guys I've got another problem, any conceptual help and help would the questions would be greatfully apprectiated. thanks Homework Statement From a consideration of the data below determine which of the given species will oxidize Fe to Fe2+: Data Fe2+ + 2e- --> Fe; E° = -0.44 V...
  46. G

    Calculate Equilibrium Constant for Spontaneous Cell Reaction | Electrochem Help

    Homework Statement Refer to the cell below: Pt / MnO4-(0.10 M), Mn2+(0.20 M).H+(0.010M) // Cr3+(0.40 M), Cr2O72-(0.30 M), H+(0.010M) / Pt The standard reduction potentials are as follows: MnO4- + 8H+ + 5e- --> Mn2+ + 4H2O; E° = 1.51 V Cr2O72- + 14 H+ + 6e- --> 2 Cr3+ + 7H2O; E° = 1.33 V...
  47. T

    Why Am I the Only Girl in My Electro Engineering Class?

    Only girl on electro engineering :( Hello! This is my first post but not the last! :D I'm a student at norwegian universety and I really have difficulty with phisics Here's my question (look at attacment) How big force F has to be so that B doestn't change position (doesn't flys over...
  48. V

    EM Waves: Charged or Not? Why?

    Are EM waves charged? Why ? Why Not ? Please Explain
  49. B

    Electro and general magnet questions, need answers

    1. is insulated wire ok to use on an electromagnet? 2. say you have an electro magnet in the form of a spool of wire with an iron core, would it be possible to wrap the entire assembly in a material that would contain the magnetic field produced by the current flow? 3. what is the strongest...
  50. S

    Effective Mass in Indirect Band Gap Semiconductors

    in indirect band gap semiconductors ,the effective mass isn't constant , because of the anisotropie of this effective mass there are (longitidinal and transversal effective mass). for calculate the optical parameters in semiconductor , i need electron and hole effective masses , what the value...