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Electron as a solution to Maxwell's Eqns

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    If an electron (and positron) can be created from a high energy photon (pair production), I was wondering if there are any (maybe old) papers in which people explored the possibility of an electron just being a solution to Maxwell's equations, just another EM-field perhaps like a photon but traveling in circles which somehow results in having properties like mass, spin, ....
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    The photon is the quanta of the EM-field just as the electron is a quanta in the electron-field. These fields are fundamentally different and require distinct approaches. I think though that if you are really interested in exploring the possibility that you pointed out, i would search for papers regarding the electron's mass as being purely electromagnetic. This is the closest thing i can think of right now.

    Try this wikipedia article to get you started http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_mass
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    All solutions to the Maxwell equations in vacuum can be written in terms of electromagnetic waves ("light"), there are no solutions left to describe a massive particle.
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    Please read this old Hestenes paper
    The electrons travel here around circles at the speed of light.
    This is of course a non orthodox theory: Electrons obey a modified Dirac equation.
    You can also read what Penrose wrote on the massless zigzag electrons.
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    A related idea is the geon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geon_(physics [Broken])
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