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Electron-Phonon interaction, is it like gravity?

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    For my understanding of electron-phonon interaction is that when electron moves across a lattice, it distorts charges and it leads to a higher density of positive charge at an instance of a second.

    As the electron leaves the region of high positive charge, another electron will jump in to replace its spot and through this interaction, it creates a bonding of the two electron which then it would become a cooper pair.

    Is that the correct picture?

    Can we imagine it to be like how mass distorts space-time, while here, electrons distort lattice structure and creates region of low potential?
    Actually that doesn't seem right, electron-phonon interaction seems to only work when electrons are moving right? When mass sits still, gravity still plays...

    I am trying to explain electron-phonon interaction to bio/chem people with little physics background. I personally don't know enough about phonons. So please help me.

    Thank you.
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    You appear to have taken this a step further. You are not just describing the electron-phonon interaction, but trying to explain something similar to the Cooper Pairs, whereby 2 electrons are in a bound state of each other mediated by the electron-phonon interaction. This is a "special case", and not all electron-phonon interaction results in such a situation.

    So what are you really trying to explain to the "bio/chem people"? The e-p interaction, or the formation of Cooper Pairs?

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    Yeah basically I am trying to explain cooper pair to people, like I want to tell them how the mechanism is involved. However, even myself don't really understand how does cooper pair stick together over long distance.

    I would like to know more about e-p interaction too, if it has other application.
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