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Emails that announce non-existent posts ?

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    emails that announce non-existent posts ???

    I used to notice frequently, then did not see for a long time so sort of forgot about it, but saw it again tonight and wonder if anyone can tell me how the following happens:

    I get an email indicating that there has been a response to a thread to which I am subscribed. The email has the text of the response. I click on the link in the email and the thread opens in the browser, but the response isn't there.

    My understanding is that we cannot delete our own threads so how is it that a response gets so far along that I get an email saying it was posted and then it isn't there?


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    Maybe it was deleted by staff :D
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    Well, I thought of that of course, and this particular response was so full of misunderstanding that it might well have happened, but back when I was seeing this a fair amount at least some of the responses were innocuous and didn't seem to merit deletion.

    IS that the only way it can happen? It certain makes sense, except, again, that some of the responses didn't seem like things that would be deleted. Maybe I remember that incorrectly.

    Do mods delete responses that are in no way offensive but just show a total lack of understanding of the subject under discussion?
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    If the post was in response to a post that was deleted, the response may have been deleted since it became irrelevant.

    It could be that the member deleted their post, they have that ability within the edit window.

    But, if, as you say the post was full of misunderstanding, it's a good guess that a mentor deleted it. I, personally, am against the post being e-mailed, I think just a notification that a post was made is enough. I know I almost always edit my posts, so if the first version is sent, it's unlikely to be anywhere close to the finished post.
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    +1 on that.
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    There are also cases where we found out later on that the thread was started by a sockpuppet of a banned member. Depending on the quality of discussion and whether the info in the thread is useful to other members, we may choose to either keep it as a locked thread, or delete the entire thread.

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    Yeah, THAT would explain it best, but just to be sure I understand, are you saying that you CAN delete your own post after it has been posted and an email notification has been sent?

    Personally, I really love It that the post is in the email. That saves me from logging on to the forum for a lot of things that I don't need to log on to read. And when I DO see something I want to read, I don't depend on the email because like you (and I assume a lot of others) I often edit my posts right after posting and I always allow for that.

    EDIT: OK, I see that I COULD delete this post. Presumably that lasts until the edit period is over. I had not ever notice that feature. I'm now sure THAT is what is happening, at least most of these times. Thanks, Evo
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