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Homework Help: Energy conservation vs momentum conservation in SHM

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    a mass M , attached to a horizontal spring executes SHM(simple harmonic motion) with amplitude A1 . when the mass M passes through its mean position then a smaller mass m is placed over it and both of them move together with amplitude A2 . the ratio A1/A2 is ...?

    2. Relevant equations
    taking angular frequency = ω

    3. The attempt at a solution

    first taking two mass and spring as the system, since there is no external force momentum remain conserved , applying (M)(ω1)(A1) = (M+m)(ω2)(A2) , i get correct answer but while applying energy conservation equations, i get an incorrect answer!
    will energy not remain conserved in such process?

    plz help!
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    Hi nikhilarora,

    You might have done something wrong. Show your work.

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    using k=spring constant
    applying momentum conservation :

    M*(ω1)*A1 = (m+M)*(ω2)*A2
    =>M*(k/M)1/2*A1 = (m+M)*(k/m+M)1/2*A2

    => A1/A2 = (M+m/M)1/2

    applying energy conservation :

    1/2 * M*(ω1)2 * A12 = 1/2 * (m+M) * (ω2)2 * A22
    => M*(k/M)*A12 = (m+M)*(k/m+M)*A22
    => A12=A22
    => A1=A2

    where have i done wrong ??
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    I see. The energy is not conserved when you put the small mass on the vibrating one. It is like an inelastic collision: the masses move together. So the bigger mass has to accelerate up the smaller one, and that happens with the assistance of friction or some other force which does work.

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    thanks a lot !!
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