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Homework Help: Energy question on Weather/Atmospheric

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    This may be too difficult for the introductory forum... so I moved this here (this is college-level material)

    I can't quite figure this out... but given this sceneraio:
    Precipitation and energy can be thought of as closely related quaniities in a thunderstorm. That is, when rain forms via condensation, the atmosphere warms from the latent heat released. The amount of heat energy must be proportional to the amount of rainfall produced. In this case, the mass of the water content in a given thunderstorm is 9.72 * 10^8 kg. If a storm ingests 2.16*10^9m^3 of air with 9.72*10^5m^3 as condensed water, and given that the latent heat of vaporization is 2.5*10^6J/kg, what is the total number of Joules of energy generated by this storm?
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    Have you any thoughts or working?
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