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Medical Engineers Are Reinventing Drug Testing

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    Nina Tandon
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    Provocative title* but otherwise interesting and important work. There have been a few developments in recent years to replace stages of animal testing with tissue engineering constructs. There are even prizes: http://www.nc3rs.org.uk/page.asp?id=1740

    They're not without limitations though. Testing a drug intended for treatment of a liver condition on a tissue construct is all well and good unless you miss out that there are side effects on other tissue types. There's also a lot of work ahead as there will be limited crossover between different types of tissue construct. All said it's still very exciting work.

    *Implies limited input from biologists, that few are working on it, that the whole process of drug testing will be changed rather than an alteration to the pre-animal and animal-stages etc.
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    Oh yea, lots of impressive people working on this thing. Her early education seems to have been crucial in it's development, and leads me to wonder how much more inter-disciplinary practices will need to be implemented on the frontier of this type of work. It seems to me that once the research and development has been completed it will be people like her who help "cross the chasm" and really begin to change the world.

    More on Nina:

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