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News English translation of the Danish article?

  1. Feb 11, 2006 #1
    I have been searching for an English translation of the article that appeared in Jyllands-Posten last September. I have found the original article in Danish here (without the cartoons):

    http://politiken.dk/VisArtikel.sasp?PageID=397712" [Broken]

    Well, I think this is it but I cannot read it. I think reading the original article is important to understand the original intent and the reaction. If anyone has a link to an English version, please post it here.

    For other related information, Wikipedia has a number of articles on the situation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_Jyllands-Posten_Muhammad_cartoons_controversy" [Broken]. And a number of references at the bottom of each page lead to even more pertinent references.

    Please post no debate or opinions in this thread, only links and relevant information.
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    Have you tried an online translation software ? I know those are notoriously bad, but it may be better than nothing.


    On the other hand, there may be someone here that speaks Danish that might offer to translate it.

    (Also - and I have read all the posts or links provided in the other threads but - this is only the second time I see a mention of the Theo van Gogh incident. I was surprised that no one brought that up in the other threads.)
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    Oops, I had the wrong link. The above article is not the one that had the cartoons but a previous one that triggered the publication. The correct article is here:

    http://www.jp.dk/login?url=indland/artikel:aid=3293102:fid=11146" [Broken]

    I will try to use the automated translator and see what happens... Thanks for the tip.
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    Awwllriiight... Automated translation is as automated translation does. This is the result. I guess you can get the main idea. Still, if anyone is able to find a link or improve on this, it will be welcomed.

    Muhammeds face

    From FLEMMING ROSE kulturredaktør

    The comedian Stamp Hvam admit lately , that he no »tør get pis at Koranen by obviously television - monitor A designer , there shall reproduce profeten Muhammed to a kindergarten , hope that act anonymous. Ditto doing vesteuropæiske interpreters from a islamkritisk essaysamling.

    A leading kunstmuseum removes a kunstværk from fear by muslimers reaction. TO that teatersæson build three performances by bits and satirical righted against USA's president George W. Bush , however there's no a sole about Osama bin Barn and his allies , and amid a appointment by statsminister Duck-breeding Fogh Rasmussen V ) call on a imam the government to that do one influence in force towards danish media , so they can be depict a better affirmative portrait from islam.

    Examples quoted above treats reason for care , whether the experience fear rests at a dance false grounding or ej. Invoice is , that the reside , and that the guide to selvcensur. There occurs a intimidated from that public partition. Artists , the author , the designer , interpreters and teaterfolk goes therefore to a extensive arc except about vor in time prior kulturmøde , that between islam and they sekulære vestlige community by clutter to kristendommen.


    That up to date sekulære community dismiss from some muslimer. They doing demands at a særstilling , catching they insist at particularly consideration to own pious feelings. It is incompatible by a verdsligt democracy and ytringsfrihed , where decent can være ready to that acquiesce gird , spot price and ridicule. It is certain no forever straight attachment and nicely that mind , and ie no , that pious feelings at any price shall do ridiculous , however it is minor to the facts.

    It is so no accidently , that they to totalitarian community smoke to prison to tell vittigheder or reproduce diktatorer critical. That occurs as a rule by reference to , that that affronts the people's feelings. TO Denmark isn't it come as far as , however examples quoted above displays , that vi is at way in at a glidebane , where none can be predict , what selvcensuren vil add up to.

    12 bladtegnere

    Therefore has Morgenavisen Jyllands - The mail call on members from danish bladtegneres brotherhood to that depict Muhammed , that they notices him. 12 forth from ca. 40 has replied the inquiry , and vi brings their drawings here at the paper amid own name. They're : Hearth Blinking Poul Erik Poulsen PEP Rasmus True Høyer Erik Abild Blinking , Stamp Füchsel Peder Bundgaard Bob Katzenelson , Annex Carlsen Lars Refn Jens July His Claus Seidel and Brokerage Westergaard.

    Only 25 forth from 40 is actively , and some of they actively is pad a konkurrenceklausul. Single has reason with by their no to that join in , others has referred to urgent arbejdsopgaver , while again others not at all has granted sound from themselves.
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    Here's my own translation:
    The comedian Frank Hvam recently admitted that he does not "dare to BS about the Quran on the television".
    An artist commissioned to draw the prophet Mohammad for a children's book desires to remain anonymous. The same holds for Western European translators of a collection of essays critical to Islam.

    A leading museum for arts removes an artwork out of fear for muslims' reaction to it.
    At the theatres, three plays is performed in which wit and satire are directed against USA's president George W Bush, whereas no play is about Osama bin laden and his allies.

    At the same time, during a meeting with prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen (V), an imam exhorts the government to make its influence apparent towards Danish media, so that they will paint a more positive picture of Islam.

    The examples above give cause for worry, whether the fear is founded upon false premises or not.
    The fact is that it is present, and that it effects self-censorship.
    There is an intimidation of the public space going on.

    Artists, authors, drawers, translators and theatre men are for this reason going in a wide arc past the most significant cultural encounter of our time: the encounter between Islam and the secular, western societies with their roots in Christianity.

    The modern, secular society is rejected by some muslims.
    They are demanding a privileged, sheltered position for themselves when they insist upon a special form of respect of their own religious emotions.
    This demand cannot coexist with a secular democracy and freedom of expression, where one has to be prepared to tolerate scorn and ridicule of oneself. To wit, it is certainly not always sympathetic or nice to look at, and it does not mean that religious emotions should for any cost be sought ridiculed, but that is a subsidiary concern in this context.

    It is not accidental that people in totalitarian societies are thrown in jail because they tell witticisms about dictators or portray them in a critical manner.

    Putting them in jail is mostly rationalized by saying they are hurting the feelings of the nation.

    In Denmark, we haven't come that far, but the cited examplesshow that we are entering a slippery slope where no one can predict what this self-censorship will end with."

    This is Jyllands-postens justification for its invitation to artists to portray Mohammed as they see him.
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    Thank you very much arildno, your translation is much more readable. :smile:

    Are you able to also translate the section titled "12 bladtegnere"? I hate to impose. But it looks equally important as it reads like what may be a "call to duty" which prompted the actual cartoons. At least this is what I gather from the automated translation.
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    Okay, then:
    "12 newspaper drawers (arildno: do you use "drawer" as the nounfor a guy who makes drawings for a living?)
    For this reason, Jyllands-posten, Morning Edition has asked members of Danish Drawers Union to draw Mohammad, as they see him.
    12 out of about 40 have responded, and hereby, we publish their drawings with the artists' full names
    they arer: Arne Sørensen, Poul Erik Poulsen (PEP), Rasmus Sand Høyer, Erik Abild Sørensen, Franz Füchsel, Peder Bundgaard, Bob Katzenelson, Annette Carlsen, Lars Refn, Jens Julius Hansen, Claus Seidel og Kurt Westergaard.

    Only 25 out of the 40 are active, and some of those active have contracts containing a clausule about competition (arildno: restricting their comissions for competitors to their main employer)
    Some have given arguments for their chosen non-involvement, others have referred to a pressing workload, whereas others have given no response at all."
  10. Feb 11, 2006 #9
    Thank you again arildno!

    And thank you iansmith for the link, which does closely match arildno's translation. I hope it is acceptable to quote the relevant section for direct reference since it is not too long and the containing wikipedia page is considered for deletion (it contains the offending cartoons among other things).

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    As for the texts onthe cartoons, the one at page at 11 says something like "A prophet who with dick and bang keeps women down"

    the one on page 14:
    "Stop! Stop! We haven't got any virgins in store for you guys!"

    the one at page 18:
    "Keep your tempers! After all, this drawing was made by a mere infidel, some Southern
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  12. Feb 11, 2006 #11
    Uhh.... arildno :wink:
    kuk is not the Danish word for dick (is it the Norwegian word?). A more fitting translation would be 'Prophet you crazy bloke! Keeping women under yoke'

    'Stop, stop, we have run out of virgins!'

    you mean page 17 :smile:
    "Relax, friends, at the end of the day, it's just a drawing by a non-believing South Jutlander".

    Thise translations can also be found at http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/danish_muslim_cartoons and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jyllands-Posten_Muhammad_cartoons
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    As for the two last, I was admittedly somewhat free in translation.

    As for the first, yeah, I thought the membrum virile had that name in Danish as well..:blushing:
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