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  1. B

    Newton's Second Law for Translation and Rotation

    Answer choices: N2L for Translation, N2L for Rotation, Both, Either 1. You are asked to find the angular acceleration of a low-friction pulley with a given force exerted on it. My solution = N2L for rotation 2. You are asked to find the angular acceleration of a low-friction pulley due to...
  2. J

    Maximum and minimum speeds in a moving cube

    Homework Statement A rigid cube in the figure moves in space. At a certain time ##t## its front face ##ABCD## is vertical and the velocity of vertex ##A## is vertical down ##v## while the velocity of its vertex ##D## makes an angle with the vertical and has magnitude ##v_{2}## while lying on...
  3. Bandersnatch

    Translating Insights articles

    1. If somebody wanted to translate one or some of the articles, would it be doable to include the translated text with the original Insight? 2. Alternatively, would publishing such a translation elsewhere (with full attribution of course) be o.k.? Questions mostly directed to @Greg Bernhardt...
  4. Adgorn

    I Taylor expansion of f(x+a)

    I recently found out the rule regarding the Taylor expansion of a translated function: ##f(x+h)=f(x)+f′(x)⋅h+\frac 1 2 h^ 2 \cdot f′′(x)+⋯+\frac 1 {n!}h^n \cdot f^n(x)+...## But why exactly is this the case? The normal Taylor expansion tells us that ##f(x)=f(a)+f'(a)(x-a)+\frac 1...
  5. K

    Relationship between translation and rotation

    Homework Statement Prove or disprove: Every translation is a product of two non-involutory rotations. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution :[/B] I am not sure if I got the right proof for the special situation: A translation is the product of two reflections with parallel reflections...
  6. P

    I Rotation vs Translation for elbow joint

    If I were to cut the string and let the board move, I know I would get rotation. But, since the center of mass of the beam is moving as well (in a circle) could I also say that the board is translating once the string is cut?
  7. hadsox

    Rotating and translating spool across a table

    Homework Statement A uniform spool of mass M and diameter d rests on end on a frictionless table. A massless string wrapped around the spool is attached to a weight m which hangs over the edge of the table. If the spool is released from rest when its center of mass is a distance l from the edge...
  8. C

    Calculating average velocity for this kind of motion

    Homework Statement For the first half of a straightly travelled path which is α=60° from some reference line, a body is moving with a velocity of v1=72 km/h. During the second half of a straightly travelled path, the body is moving with an angle of β=30° with a velocity of v2=36 km/h.What is...
  9. B

    Net force =0 or Net force =GM^2/4R^2....?

    Two stars of equal mass M move with constant speed V in a circular orbital of radius R about their common center of mass .What is the net force on each star? the answer to this question was net force=GM^2/4R^2 .I want to ask that why net force not equal to zero although it is in translational...
  10. J

    Translational Motion Vs. Rotational Motion

    Howdy. It has become clear to me that translational motion is not taken into account in general relativity because it is subjective, and that rotational motion is taken into account in GR in places such as the Kerr Metric. What makes rotational motion so absolute? Couldn't an observer's...
  11. N

    Translating quantificational logic

    Homework Statement Put the sentence into symbols using the suggested notation. Dolphins and porpoises grin and frolic in the sea. (Dx = x is a dolphin; Px = x is a porpoise; Gx = x grins; Fx = x frolics in the sea) Homework Equations None. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] (\forall...