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Enhance Your Strengths or Improve Your Weaknesses?

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    actually, i'm interested to know details about the answers on the internet, but i don't know how to simplify "Enhance Your Strengths or Improve Your Weaknesses?" in other words.
    So, maybe if i post, here, i can get some answers.

    Sorry if i have a bad grammer.
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    What is a weakness? Is this some sort of human thing?
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    hmm, i means, its like someone that have certain skills, like for a very deep example.
    Some of the mathematicians are really weak when it comes to memorizing things,

    so, the mathematician strength are math, and he's weaknesses is memorizing things...

    So, whisch is better for the mathematicians, Enhance Your Strengths or Improve Your Weaknesses?

    I'm sorry again for my English if is it terrible. :D
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    In my opinion, it's best to do both.
    One thing about "improving weakness" is that it can improve overall strength.
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    Once you reach a certain age, you know full well where you excel and what just doesn't work for you. I see the value in working on all fronts and trying as many different experiences when you are younger. But there does come a point where you know. At that point, go with your strength(s) and master them. Be the very best/know the most/excel entirely at whatever it is that intrinsically works for you. Why waste time pouring all kinds of energy into pursuits that you're not ever going to be anything more than mediocre at?

    As an example. I cannot draw. I just simply can't. I don't have the motor skills or the ability to translate what I envision in my mind onto a piece of paper. I took art classes in high school. I took faculty of extension art classes with my local university. It's something I'd really like to be able to do well, but I quite simply can't. I accept that. I pour my energy into other areas where I already know I do well, and I enjoy myself with it, and I know I can continue to improve and build upon the skills I already have. And then I help people in the area in which I do really well and know quite a bit.

    That doesn't mean you exclude everything else from your life save one pursuit, but I advocate concentrating your efforts once you are fairly clear on where you're going and have tried other venues to know the difference.
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    It can be simplified to "improve your strengths" but should subject to the context where you are using this phrase, are you using this somewhere?
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    what is it when you ask "are you using this somewhere?"
    i dont understand.
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    What a great question, annoymage, and your grammar is fine.

    When I was high school age, my strengths were in writing, history, civics...that sort of thing. The way my high school was set up, you could get by with just the most rudimentary math and still graduate (the most advanced math I had in high school stopped at 'how to balance your check book' - no kidding). I hated math then, and I was terrible at science, so that's the path I took.

    A few years out of high school I wanted to do exactly what you say, improve my weaknesses. So I started with Introduction to Algebra and found I really, really liked it. Then I took the equivalent of high school physics, and I *really, really* liked it...I just wasn't as good as other students at it.

    I ended up majoring in physics (it took a while though :smile:), but it was a real battle.

    But I don't necessarily think my choice would be the best choice for everyone. I often wonder about the other paths I could have taken, had I studied something that came easier to me.
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    hoho, thanks lisa, you do have the "community spirit" :D
    you deserve it. (really, i mean it) hoho.
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    It's funny that as I am making decisions and reaching different stages. I look back and see that I am exactly the way I envisioned when I was 4-5/8 yrs old. My choices always change as I grow and bit random however in the end the decisions I make are deterministic and reflect what I dreamed.
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