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Ephyra, Strobila and strobilation

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    So,I want to understand all these terms .Well that doesn't actually mean I am all empty I have got some ideas about the terms.Just want a big "yes".
    Ephyra is this

    And when all these are stacked up we get strobila,and the process of stacking this up is called strobilation.
    Am i correct in all these.
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    jim mcnamara

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    You are learning jellyfish - ology. The answer is "No".
    Ephyra are the developmental stage just at the beginning of the medusa.

    Polyps, not ephrya, stack up into strobila. Ephyra do not do this, they come after strobilation. Strobilation creates polyp colonies. Then you get medusa.

    The order is: larva -> polyp -> polyp strobilate -> ephyra -> medusa
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