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Slowing down the aging process: facts and latest research?

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    Hi there, I would like to know all the ways or what I can do that actually works when it comes to slowing down or stopping the aging process for human males in both the brain and the body. I am one of those people that want to stay as youthfull as possible and to live as long as I can so anything that works, I would greatly appreciate it as well as find it usefull.
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    Near Light Speed Travel (NLST)?
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    I think it is a good idea to follow what you judge to be the best scientific advice. So for instance, current advice in the UK seems to focus on these top items, I may be wrong:-
    Zero smoking, BMI in range, alcohol at recommended level, 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables daily, small meat intake, check blood pressure, exercise 150 minutes a week plus strength building. Obviously the list goes on and on.
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    Hi, thank you all for answering and I hope you all enjoy the holidays, ta ta
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    Oh, talking about holidays, don't be poor, pick good parents and stay out of the sun.
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    Shucks! I messed up all your suggestions. Restart and try again? "Mom, Dad, ...?" :cool:
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