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Equation in mathtype appear randomly when double clicking for editing

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    equation in mathtype appear randomly when double clicking for editing

    Hi everybody,

    Can anyone help me for my great problem.

    I typesetted a document in microsoft word 2007 full of math equations typed with mathtype. But when I double click on every equation in the document it will appear another equation in the dialogue mathtype box.

    I am loosing some large amount of my work with this strange happening.

    Please, some one help me.

    Any thanks will be appreciated in advance.

    thanks again
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    I am quite sure this is caused when you click the blue Sigma (on the Ribbon) to insert an MathType equation, but when you want to put the equation into your document, you copy (or cut) and paste or drag and drop. Then when you want another equation, you click the blue Sigma again, etc.

    If you follow that process for a document with 10 equations, at the end you will have 10 MathType windows open. Even if you don't click on Sigma each time, but always go back to the original MathType window, that isn't the best way to use MathType and Word together.

    Following the process outlined in the MathType documentation (MathType Help), you should click the blue Sigma, then create your equation, then close the MathType window. If you do this for each equation, they should be positioned properly.

    That may seem like a lot of steps, but actually copying and pasting each equation is more steps. Still, if you prefer to copy & paste, that should not be a problem, but you should open MathType from the Windows Start menu, rather than from Word's Ribbon.
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